Perhaps the hardest thing about being solo captain of PJP in Jeanne's absence is that every person calling and/or walking in and asking to speak to "an owner or manager" gets to talk to GwNkuIm

And if you are curious about all the G-L-A-M-O-R-O-U-S tasks that involved today, here you go (oh, and 10 bonus points if you caught the Fergie reference):

  1. We welcomed a new employee today.  Her name is Katie and I broke down and called Jeanne at a little past 11 this morning and said "Do you want some great news?  Katie is AHHHHMAZING."  I spent most of the morning training her on making the cream and nut pies.
  2. I visited with someone from a St. Louis area magazine about ad space.  On the upside, it wasn't the thousands of dollars I expected for even 1/16 of a page...but still, it was pricey.  We have quite a few St. Louis area customers, so is it a good fit for us?  WHO THE HECK KNOWS.  I threw it in the pile of Things To Think About and Discuss With Jeanne When She Gets Back.
  3. Our food broker stopped by to pick up a check for $864.  Good times.  Good times, indeed.
  4. I finalized wedding details for event next Sunday.  And then I remembered that we have two big events next Saturday.  Jeanne, if you are reading this...I'm officially breaking it to you that next weekend looks frightening.
  5. I talked with someone who plans to host a Tiny Home Festival in Columbia in June.  In short, they are looking for food vendors for the thousands of expected guests to talk about tiny homes, tour tiny homes, and buy kits to build tiny homes (I think).  Huh...not going to lie that my love of House Hunters:  Tiny Homes didn't momentarily sway me toward agreeing.  But at a $400 booth cost, I'll add that one to the pile of Things To Think About and Discuss With Jeanne When She Gets Back.
  6. A food broker from St. Louis that sells gourmet baking supplies stopped by with a catalogue for us.  I didn't see anything that PJP uses on the regular, but I seriously considered buying pre-made chocolate spoons for my coffee just because I can.
  7. Another food broker stopped by and asked if they could schedule time to come back and see us next week.  I agreed and then promptly forgot what company he works for.  Solid planning.
  8. Two people stopped by to see if they could talk to me about insurance.  Considering I don't like to talk about insurance when I'm at my very best, I declined solely on the basis that it was 5 pm on a rainy Tuesday and I had a sink full of dishes to do and desperately needed coffee to perk me up.  Preferably with a chocolate spoon...