Eight Days.

Tomorrow, Jeanne embarks on an epic EIGHT business days away from PJP Buttonwood.  EIGHT DAYS, PEOPLE. Nicolas-Cage-Facepalm1

And look, I'll get the same opportunity for vacation in June, but OH MY WORD...I really dread her being gone. I'll have plenty of great help each day and we will be more than fine, but CO-DEPENDENCY, PARTY OF TWO.  I'll really just miss all of our discussions about nothing.  And who the heck is going to do her favorite jobs - like scraping dough off the floor with a special scraper tool?  Spoiler alert...probably me.  And it won't be my favorite job, at all.  (I seriously just thought to myself that it could be possible to put that off until the afternoon of the 22nd, hours before she returns to work.)

All that said, I am happy that we are slowly arriving at the point where it is possible for one of us to be gone for eight days without PJP slowly imploding upon itself.  It certainly wasn't a possibility during our first PJP summer.  Last year, we made it work with a considerable amount of angst.  This year, we feel more prepared for one of us to have vacation days than ever before...minus our true enjoyment of working together in PJP.  In fact, earlier today I had a considerable amount of anxiety about the next eight days, while both Gunnar and Mac remained nonplussed by it all because we will be just FINE.  As we always are.

I'm going to try my very best to not call Jeanne 113 times a day while she is vacationing.  And by vacationing, I mean watching Gunsmoke.  And probably scraping her floor at home with her special scraping tool...