Occasionally, I'll have a day of PJP productivity that leaves me completely impressed with myself and with lingering philosophical and introspective questions regarding why I can't achieve the same results EVERY SINGLE DAY.   All that aside, here are a few interesting things from the PJP Buttonwood front lines.

  1. If you haven't seen the recently announced lineup for the 2016 Roots N Blues festival, check it out now.  I couldn't be more excited for this lineup if I handpicked the artists myself, as most on the schedule make up the go-to PJP playlists that we listen to each day.  My biggest concern now is how to staff the PJP booth that weekend so I can attend 90% of the shows.
  2. Oh, and my second biggest concern is how to get Jason Isbell into the PJP booth that weekend and forever suck him into the pie vortex and make him a #WPD devotee.  I think that we should pick one day wherein we all tweet at him and demand a meet and greet over Chocolate Bourbon Pecan tarts.
  3. Jeanne will read this post early in the morning and I'm telling you, she will roll her eyes at this idea of mass tweeting.  She's more of a "track down his tour bus and bang on the door" sort of person.
  4. But speaking of things not happening for six months from now, we will be speaking at One Million Slices next Tuesday night (May 3rd) at Memorial Union on campus.  This event will celebrate women entrepreneurs and there will be pizza and pie.  And it is free.  You really have no excuse not to attend.
  5. Oh, and last Thursday, we held our April Epic Pie Tasting night and it was the best time, as always.  It was such a good time that not even the trial run of a Rhubarb Custard pie could bring down the atmosphere.  Yes to having a fun time together on a Thursday.  No to Rhubarb Custard.  Well, at least we know now.

May Epic Pie Tasting date will be announced tomorrow.  It is the one thing on the list that didn't get done on my day of super productivity.  Rome wasn't built in a day, right?