Time Will Tell.

As of early this evening, I counted 137 emails from volunteer pie recipients.  While 10 or so emailed me from various towns and cities in Missouri, the vast majority were blog readers located all over the country.  In the end, we settled on Beaverton, Oregon because a) it is 1,928 miles from Columbia, Missouri and 2) the recipient promised a vastly hilly neighborhood and steep stairs to her front door, thereby increasing the likelihood the box might roll around in a truck and be tossed up a few stairs before being left outside during the spring rainy season.  To really go for the gusto, we packed up a fresh Caramel Apple pie and there is only two ways this story will end...a perfect pie upon arrival...or a box oozing with caramel sauce and brown sugar. According to the UPS tracking service, the box is sitting in a UPS facility in St. Louis right now and should be in Beaverton on Friday afternoon. (As a side note, the highlight of my day was reading all of the emails...you people are hilarious.  Most made us laugh out loud and bonus points to those of you who included lists and GIFs as supporting documentation for your pie needs.  Reading through it all was the most fun.  Someday, PIE FOR EVERYONE, EVERYWHERE.)

In other news,

  1. A few people asked on email if I would be interested in feedback on the custom box situation.  Um, YES, PLEASE.
  2. Wanting custom pie boxes with our logo printed on them is just the gateway drug to wanting all sorts of custom logo items.
  3. If I told you how much printed logo napkins went for on the open market, you would quit your job right now and open a custom logo napkin making factory.  I'm serious.
  4. For the right price, we can even have plastic forks printed with our logo and the #WorldPieDomination tagline.  Because this is America in 2016...what can't you have for the right price?
  5. Except, I guess, perhaps a 9-inch Caramel Apple in perfect condition over 1,928 miles to Beaverton, Oregon.  Only time will tell.