As Expected.

Well, as expected, PJP Buttonwood was 100% perfect upon our arrival this morning.  And short of running out of pie box stickers and an emergency run to HyVee for sugar, Mac and Gunnar had no significant problems as co-captains of PJP for the day.  (And who are we kidding...Jeanne and I run out of stickers and sugar on the regular, so it was really just a normal day for all parties involved.) We felt so empowered this morning by our psychological growth garnered by leaving the store for one day that we tackled a mountain of tasks that we've been putting off forever, namely...

  1. We ordered 1,100 pie box stickers.  Nothing fun or interesting about that, just a forward step in the never-ending battle against "OMG, WE ARE OUT OF STICKERS AGAIN."  I'm going to write a book and call it "Solving the Sticker Crisis", but I suspect we would be the only two to read it.
  2. We sourced detergent and rinse additive for our dishwasher from a company other than Ecolab.  This is the second time we've needed to order in the 23 months, two weeks, and three days we've been at this location (and let us all remember that Ecolab was charging us monthly for the chemicals that we've only needed once a year.)  And let us all remember that if anything, I excel at being righteously indignant.
  3. We looked at invitations we've received to participate in various festivals.  Taste of St. Louis would be a great opportunity...for the rock bottom booth fee of TWO THOUSAND DOLLARS. Once we recover from the shock of that number, perhaps we will be able to discuss it.  Roots and Blues seems to be a given, as last year was a great experience.  And finally, the event formerly known King's Daughters is scheduled for the weekend prior to Thanksgiving.dslk
  4. We discussed our two-year anniversary that is fast approaching on April 17th but then got sidetracked by discussing how we are rolling into our 24th month of PJP.  Someone cue up "Sunrise, Sunset" and bring me a box of tissues.
  5. We completed our official registration for the International Baking Expo in Las Vegas in October.  I have no idea how we will be able to leave PJP Buttonwood for four days at the very start of our busiest season, but the shenanigans we might find in Vegas together will probably make up for the stress of figuring it all out, no?