2 am.

By now, you've likely seen our 2 am selfie that I posted early Saturday morning on Instagram and Facebook... early morning selfie

And after the dust settled from our busy day of pre-Easter sales, I noticed that I had more than plenty  questions on social media and in my email inbox about the picture.  So here we go:

Q:  Do Jeanne and I start at 2 am EVERY SINGLE DAY? A:  HECK NO.  But while it isn't the standard, it does happen enough that neither of us are that phased by setting an alarm for 1:30 am.

Q:  What time do you go to bed if you get up at 1:30 am? A:  Jeanne goes to bed at 8:30 and occasionally gets up at 1 am just because she likes it.  Or if she's really living large, she gets up at 4 am.  (That sounds like a great lead-in to an Ambien commercial, no?)  If you could give me the best day ever, I would go to bed at 1 am and get up around 9 am.  It seriously never happens.

Q:  Are you both wearing lipstick?  At 2 am? A:  Well, I would classify mine as more of a lip gloss, but...

Q:  I saw that you were still baking at 11 am.  Why?  How could you not be done baking by then? A:  We had so many pies on order for Saturday, and we needed to fully stock the store after a busy Friday.  More than once, we said to each other that we should have just stayed the entire night.

Q:  How's the no-Starbucks challenge going?  Do you break on Saturday for a caffeine break? A:  So far, so good.  We had every intention of going Saturday morning but could never even find the five minutes to do it, so I caved at 4:30 that afternoon and stopped by for a venti iced coffee.  Jeanne reports that she enjoyed an entire pot of Folgers once she got home.  I should have just ordered the trenta after hearing POT OF FOLGERS...