Solid Advice.

Two years ago today at PJP Buttonwood, we created a wall covered in burlap lattice work (say that three times fast)... wall-start

And then the next day, we promptly tore it all down and started all over.  Which should have been the best indicator ever for how we would spend the next 24 months of our life.  One step forward, two steps back.  (Unless we have a scissor lift at our disposal, and then anything is possible really.)

I remember two years ago today only for two reasons:  1) covering a wall in lattice with burlap fabric and a massive jug of glue takes hours and makes you sticky for days, and 2) our excitement at finally opening the doors at PJP Buttonwood was so real as we worked in there for hours and considered what adventures awaited us.

If I could time travel right back to March 21, 2014, I would find myself (covered in adhesives) and tell myself:

  1. That overwhelming feeling of fear at the unknown will never really go away.
  2. Investing in a good eye cream will be crucial, as it always is.
  3. To work faster on that scissor lift, because when the builders take it away, you'll never be able to reach the wall above the front door again and will spend the next 24 months looking at a wall one-fourth painted.  And there just won't be anything you can do about it.

Solid advice.