Direction & Styling.

On Tuesday, the Stephens College Art Direction & Photo Styling class (under the direction of Amy Parris, who teaches at Stephens, owns YardHouse Fabrics, and is amazing to boot) stopped by for Intro to PJP 101.  Intrigued by our design and our brand, the class listened to our story, asked us questions and then explored our space, taking pictures of whatever interested them.  And when we met up with these amazingly smart and talented women again today - this time in their classroom at Stephens - well, IT WAS THE MOST FUN EVER. By way of a long story short, the goal of working with the women of Art Direction & Photo Styling class is to give practical experience in staging product and building a brand.  After spending only 45 minutes or so with us on Tuesday, each class member stood up today in front of us and presented us with a story board with her vision for styling a PJP photo shoot.  And in short, we were blown away by the thought, the effort, and the careful consideration each student took when thinking about photographing our sweet PJP.

The hardest part was that after listening to each presentation, Jeanne and I needed to narrow down the selections to our favorite three story boards.  It was darn near impossible - each presentation included aspects that we adored.  Without exception, each board picked up on our nod to the Industrial Chic...and every student represented that element in new and intriguing ways.  Choosing our favorite three was a challenge, especially laying them all out together...


As we analyzed each board, we felt our countless hours of HGTV viewing finally paying off.  The ability to narrow down our choices to our top three would have never been possible without the tutelage of House Hunters, House Hunters Renovation, House Hunters International, and Fixer Upper.  (Also, I feel Chip and Joanna would have swooned over some of the images we were presented with.  And they also would have demanded more shiplap.  Because that is what they do.  Team Shiplap.)  Finally, all those hours of weighing the pros and cons with strangers across the country paid off in helping us navigating some overwhelming design choices ourselves.  I FEEL SO JUSTIFIED.


After we FINALLY could pick three that we loved the most, the group divided into teams.  They will prep for a mega photo shoot at PJP on Tuesday morning to make some of the inspired images from today come alive at PJP and we couldn't be more excited.  Even if we were appearing on House Hunters.