Welp.  I wish I could tell you something terribly interesting happened at PJP today, but the highlight of our day was getting our grease trap pumped.  WE ARE LIVING ON THE EDGE, PEOPLE. That said, here are a few interesting items of note:

  1. Tickets for our Epic Pie Tasting Event scheduled for March 15th went on sale today.  Only a few seats remain, so call or stop by soon if you are interested in attending.  As someone on Facebook mentioned today, there is no better way to celebrate the (p)ides of March.  See what she did there?
  2. Speaking of March, Pi Day is planned for Monday, March 14th (get it...3/14...3.14).  Last year, we celebrated on a Saturday with mimosas, t-shirts, and hundreds of pies.  Our goal for this week is to make a plan that tops last year's plan.  I'm certainly not opposed to Monday Mimosas, but Jeanne remains unconvinced that it has the same flair as a Saturday.
  3. Trying to plan something epic for a Monday in March is much harder than you would think, by the way.
  4. Over the Valentine's holiday weekend, someone asked if we could make a Strawberry Rhubarb pie that looked like a gory octopus (and clearly, by we, I mean Jeanne).  Never one to back down from a challenge, especially one including tentacles, Jeanne created this Pinterest worthy sea creature:FullSizeRender-73
  5. You know what don't have pie boxes for?  Things with tentacles.  I hope that thing made it to the final destination intact, but my bet is that a tentacle was sacrificed along the way.