A List.

A few things...

  1. I'm super happy that January has ended.  Bye, Felicia.
  2. Even in a leap year, February is 97% more palatable.  I think it is all the candy in heart-shaped boxes.
  3. Speaking of, you would think it would be crazy easy to bake a pie in a heart shape.  But it isn't.
  4. But whatever, because we've got your Valentine's plans covered.  We are hosting a Date Night Baking Night next Friday night.  We will bake pie together (in the regular ol' round shape) and drink champagne.  We are just a few tickets short of selling out, likely because it promises to be a great time.
  5. And while we are discussing a great time, last week's Epic Pie Tasting was the best.  The short story is that the new Butter Pecan Pie won everyone's heart.  Shoo-Fly pie?  Not so much.  Any dessert item that is 97% molasses and based on a history of LITERALLY TRAPPING FLIES is a tough sell.
  6. In case you didn't know, the unexpected fringe benefit of Epic Pie Tasting is that we refuse to keep any leftover pie.  Everyone who attends Epic Pie Tasting must take home boxes and boxes of pie and gift it to co-workers, babysitters, neighbors, and best friends.  FullSizeRender-72
  7. I think those entire towers of pie boxes are held together at the base with flattened Shoo-Fly pie.
  8. I think, actually, you could hold a space shuttle together with flattened Shoo-Fly pie.  I'll twit pic this to @NASA as a pro tip.
  9. If you haven't listened to yesterday's podcast yet, Jeanne and I attempt to talk about PJP, but we get a little caught up on an entire category of things that blow Jeanne's mind.  She makes brief mention of Twitter, but she's really stuck on the Cloud and what it means.
  10. Spoiler alert:  no real answers are reached.  As you would expect.