3 AM

For the last week (with the exception of Sunday), Jeanne and I have started our PJP day at 3 am and finished each day around 6 pm.   Which is say that the blog silence on Wednesday and Thursday was sponsored by 3 am.  And the dark circles under our eyes in the late afternoon were sponsored by 3 am.  And any sort of stabbiness between us last week was sponsored primarily by 3 am.  BECAUSE 3 AM IS REALLY JUST THE WORST. GIF-facepalm-Meryl-Streep-Sigh-OMG-Tired-Are-you-kidding-me-Are-you-fucking-kidding-me-Disappointed-GIF

  1. 3 am takes forever to text you back.  And even then, only uses emojis.
  2. 3 am overuses exclamation points.
  3. 3 am blows up your Facebook feed with political rants.
  4. 3 am asks 1,000 questions before ordering at Starbucks.
  5. 3 am resells Adele concert tickets on eBay for $12,000.
  6. 3 am hates House Hunters Renovation.
  7. 3 am offers you skim milk for your coffee.
  8. 3 am eats your secret stash of holiday M&Ms.
  9. 3 am posts endless workout selfies on Instagram.
  10. 3 am pays by check.