New Attitude.

Thank you SO MUCH for all of your kind thoughts and comments on yesterday's post.  Every morning, Jeanne and I go get coffee and then sit in my car for fifteen minutes or so to discuss our day ahead.  This morning, we sat in my car while we drank our coffee and read every single comment...some made us laugh, some made us cry from all the kindness, and some made us yell out "amen!".  But without question each one made us feel understood and cared for and in our world today, there isn't much more we could ask thank you. Here a few non-Thanksgiving things that happened during all the crazy of Thanksgiving and never got mentioned:

  1. We've gotten a number of calls over the past week regarding Sweet Potato pie, apparently the fallout of the viral video review of the Patti LaBelle Sweet Potato Pie.  If you have three minutes or so, watch the is actually great.  Patti's Sweet Potato pie can only be found at Wal-Mart for $3.48 and most stores are now sold out.  The online reviews are mixed (as most things that cost $3.48 at Wal-Mart tend to be), but what doesn't deserve a mixed review is Patti's 1984 song "New Attitude"...still TOP NOTCH.  We do sell Sweet Potato pie on the regular, by the way.  They aren't $3.48 and we won't sing while we bake them, just so you know though.
  2. We got these new custom pie boxes in not long ago, but haven't done much to display them beautifully YET (blame Thanksgiving).  They are solid wood and hold a nine-inch pie.  We think they make a great hostess gift or a handy eco-friendly box option for our regular customers.IMG_5362
  3. That image is likely sideways if you are reading this on your mobile device.  I'm completely unsure why, but just know that I cringe when it happens.  Maddening.
  4. Yesterday, I ordered an entire new stock of snarky tea towels and coffee mugs and they should be here in plenty of time for Christmas.  Save the shopping for gifts your snarky friends until the new stock arrives, as you won't be disappointed.
  5. Jeanne needed to visit Sam's Club yesterday and when I got in her car to get something, I saw this (and it make me actually laugh out loud).  So legit.IMG_5459