Speaking Of...

Here's what we would have done differently for Thanksgiving 2k15:

  1. While we liked that we narrowed down our pie selections for Wednesday pickup, there were a few on the list that we would wouldn't have included.  Needing to consult the PJP V. 1.0 recipe book at 4 am on Wednesday made me question our decision-making process.
  2. And speaking of 4 am on Wednesday, we wish that we wouldn't have gone to McDonald's at 3 am for an extra large Diet Coke.  Driving across Nifong and sitting in the drive-thru is the perfect amount of sitting time to make us doubt our ability to get up and bake more.Everything-Hurts-and-Im-Dying-Parks-and-Recreation
  3. And speaking of Diet Coke in the middle of the night, we needed twice daily Starbucks trips to power through the mornings and afternoons.
  4. And speaking of Starbucks, we wish that they delivered a venti mocha and a venti vanilla iced coffee with six Splendas to us at 8 am and 4 pm, to guarantee maximum efficiency from our caffeine abuse.
  5. And speaking of Splenda, we wish we would have made more sugar-free and gluten-free pies for all the extra demand at pie pickup.
  6. And speaking of extra pie, we wish we could have made more...especially as the wait list grew throughout the day.
  7. And speaking of the wait list, we wish we could always make people as happy as those who got a call that we had extras.
  8. And speaking of happy, making everyone happy all of the time feels like a struggle.
  9. And speaking of struggle, the struggle is well...the struggle is real.
  10. And speaking of real, we worked so hard to make this year a different experience from last year.  And we are super happy it is over and now just a part of the bigger PJP story.