Now that we are fully past Holiday Festival, we are focusing solely on Thanksgiving 2k15.  And just when I thought I couldn't stress much more about it than I already am, I realized that our first scheduled day of pie pick-up is TWELVE DAYS AWAY.  TWELVE. DAYS. AWAY. terrified

If you've been around here for long, you likely know that Jeanne and I excel at big picture thinking.  Lock us in a room for 15 minutes and we will give you 27 new ideas for PJP.  Or heck, maybe even 27 completely new business plan ideas not even concerning pie.

But execution is where we truly struggle.  We've had ideas for days about improving Thanksgiving and now that we are a short 12 days away from our three most difficult days of the year, the list of things that needs to be done is terrifyingly long and daunting.  And while most people who have their lives totally together would make a list and organize some meetings, I find myself compelled to watch episodes of Project Runway from 2010 on Hulu while eating Tums for dinner.

(And between just you and I, I think Jeanne's creativity distracts her from execution and my self-doubt about all of my decisions makes me want to make no decisions.  Add in a few sprinkles of panic because we want the whole thing to go so much better than last year and CHARMING, INDEED.)

Our property manager dropped off keys to Space Space late last week, but it wasn't until after Holiday Festival before we could go in and actually get a vibe for the space.  (And the vibe is that the previous tenants REALLY liked large stickers on the walls and had no regard for paint when exiting the premises.  Also, I didn't know that vegetable oil could be used to winterize a toilet, just saying.)


And I feel progress as I mark of "rent Spare Space", "pay for Spare Space", and "view Spare Space" off the to-do list that I haven't even written down.  I think I'll go ahead and include "vacuum Spare Space" on it, because Jeanne will be thrilled to roll the Dyson next door.  Awesome. ($5 says she will also want to rent a Rug Doctor and attack those dubious carpet stains at the mid-point of the space.)

And in the interim, I'll order a few thousand pie tins, a few thousand pie boxes, a few thousand stickers, and a few thousand bags.  And a few thousand Tums.