Unrelated Items.

Here are a few things about life at PJP that have absolutely nothing to do with each other at all...

  1. Our dishwasher, Eva 2000, has been acting out of sorts lately.  When we called in the person who installed it, he took a look inside it and asked us if we had been washing our towels in there.  Wait, what?  No, obviously...but the better question is why would he think we would do that?  Is using a dishwasher as a washing machine a thing?
  2. And is he saying that it could technically wash our towels?  Because cutting out a $36 a week bill to Cintas to do that sounds sort of appealing.
  3. We've started working with Mid-Continent Paper Company, who will deliver our tins, boxes, and bags on a regular basis each Monday.  In theory, this could mean that we don't run out of stuff.  IN THEORY.
  4. 8 out of 10 people who walk into PJP Buttonwood read the options for Thanksgiving pies and then immediately ask what is in the mincemeat.  Does anyone even know the answer to that?  Since I'm not completely sure myself, we will be sampling it out all next week and maybe we can figure it out together.
  5. We are completely convinced that the ads on Spotify are 100% louder than the music.  I'm fairly certain that was a thing with television commercials until the FCC wised up and shut that practice down.  Someone needs to alert the commission that radio commercials are ripe for regulatory control.
  6. Speaking of tunes, three people stopped by today and asked if we had listened to the new Adele song yet.  And the answer is HECK YES.  And then when we couldn't agree on anything else, we listened to the soundtrack from Pretty Woman.  And I'm here to tell you that those tunes have NOT stood up to the test of time, which is a shame.
  7. Every single advertiser in a nine-county region has stopped by this week to sell us ad space in magazines and in television and radio.
  8. Every single organization in a nine-county region has stopped by this week to ask for a donation of pies, gift cards, and/or baking parties.
  9. Every single journalism student at Mizzou has stopped by this week to ask us everything.
  10. I seriously can't think of a final thing, but I appreciate ending on #10...and now I have.