Poster Making...

PJP has been a whirlwind of activity lately.  Here's a whole list of things that don't fit together at all...but are interesting nonetheless:

  1. The annual King's Daughters festival is being held this year at the Holiday Inn Expo Center.  It is now hosted by another organization and has been rebranded as the 2015 Holiday Festival, but the premise is the notch shopping.  The festival organizers approached us today about doing a booth and since we are experienced women of festivals big and small (hahahahahaha), we agreed.  Mark your calendars for November 6, 7, and 8.
  2. I think we will sell tarts.  And maybe baby pies.  Who knows.  But we will be shopping our fellow vendors for sure.
  3. That the festival organizers picked a weekend not immediately preceding Thanksgiving is the best news ever.
  4. Just between us, Thanksgiving is giving me anxiety.  For 4,520,516 different reasons.  98% of which are ridiculous.  (And the other 2% are just scenarios I'm making up in my mind).
  5. In good news, the online order form for Thanksgiving pie is now accepting orders:   I'm always supportive of ways to get stuff I want without talking to a human on the phone, so YES TO ONLINE ORDERING.
  6. Jeanne broke out her markers and designed some much needed holiday artwork for the front windows of PJP Buttonwood.  The photo is terrible but the poster IS SWOON WORTHY.  This is what she did while the rest of us went to homecoming (well, this and watch Gunsmoke)...IMG_5130
  7. She also created one for our other window.  (We like symmetry.)  FullSizeRender-65
  8. I wish I had poster-making skills.  But I don't.  And I've learned to accept that.  Namaste.
  9. Rather, every time Jeanne discussed her plans for the front window, my brain could only envision Jonathan and Hollywood Montrose from 1987's Mannequin.  Mannequin_movie_poster
  10. Which, in my defense, is fairly legit.  That movie is awesome.