If you've been around here for any amount of time, you likely already know that Thanksgiving last year damn near did us all in.  We were overwhelmed and underprepared...overbooked and understaffed...over...well, you get the main point.  To be completely honest, it has taken me months to even bake a pumpkin pie without breaking into a full-blown terror sweat complete with flashbacks to the massive amounts of people waiting for their turn at the PJP counter to pick up pies that probably weren't even done yet. And now that it is 11 months later, we finally feel ready to have a conversation about Thanksgiving 2k15.  Gulp.

Because the events of those few days last year are forever burned into our brains, we have a few good ideas about changes to make as we contemplate our second Thanksgiving at PJP Buttonwood.  And in a move that is so perfectly thought out and pre-planned, I question if we even made it, we have rented the empty space next to our store for a short two-week period immediately preceding the holiday.  We can use it for storage for tins, boxes, bags, and the like.  We are even kicking around a few ideas about moving pie order pick up to that empty space to ease traffic flow in our small space.

And look, I know this might sound a bit out there, but we are legitimately considering hiring a few people to work the front doors.  After attempting to put order to the line last year while crying and covered in cocoa, I realized that enforcing order might not be one of my stronger marketable skills.  I hesitate to use the word "bouncer", but a few authoritative, yet kind and helpful people to direct traffic and provide updates on the availability of pie not on pre-order would the very best.  I'm also very keen on a five-in/five-out policy to our front door.  Last year's fogged windows, 89 or so people crammed into our storefront at any given moment, the rising heat from ovens and crowds...well, it all came together to SEND ME OVER THE EDGE.  So think less exclusive nightclub type of bouncer and more preventing a mental breakdown type of bouncer.

And so that is our start to Thanksgiving, as small as it feels right now (but I promise some big and interesting ideas are coming).  The orders are rolling in already...get in early before we come to our senses and start capping the number we accept: