Two Days and Three Hours...

According to the Roots and Blues website, we are just about two days and three hours from festival kickoff.  Not that we are counting, or anything.  Ahem... IMG_4984

Jeanne and I spent most of our day planning, preparing, and having some mild panic about the PJP Roadshow.  Here are a few brief PJP + RBB fun facts...

  1. We are planning to bake (and believe we will sell) 2,000 baby pies.  That said, I have mentally entertained what it will feel like to sell just five baby pies over the course of three days.  Or to run out of 2,000 by 4 pm on Saturday.  That way, I'm fully prepared for whatever comes our way.
  2. We based the number of pies based on the guess that 10% of the average festival attendance might choose pies over funnel cakes.  Or pies plus funnel cakes.
  3. Also, if you must know, I only ordered 2,000 forks.
  4. For the next three days, we will be making more dough and rolling more baby shells than we've ever even thought about.
  5. That said, in the throes of my panic this morning, we received our first Thanksgiving order.  It was a good reminder that this weekend is training ground for our November pie-baking marathon.
  6. We've been assigned Spot #4 in the vendor area.  Nope, I don't know what that means either, but I hope it is prime vending real estate.
  7. Jeanne will head up a team of pie bakers at PJP Buttonwood, while I head up a team of pie sellers at PJP Spot #4.
  8. We've decided to leave the store open to foot traffic on Saturday because we a) like a challenge, b) hate to disappoint anyone, and c) are a little crazy.
  9. Our friends at Gofer are delivering fresh pies from PJP Buttonwood to PJP Spot #4.  Have you heard of these people?  They will deliver you anything you desire...whenever you want it.  I bet the first time we call and ask them to deliver us thirty dozen eggs and two bottles of wine at midnight, they will rethink the relationship.
  10. I've spent the last few days listening to most of the artists who will be playing this weekend and I'm super excited.  Hey, Drew Holcomb & The Neighbors...I really can't wait.