A PJP pictures. Monday.


We've seen mattresses, ice makers, mini refrigerators, assorted small kitchen appliances, and more in our dumpster in the past year and a half.  But Monday's arrival of a wingback chair was a first.  I bet someone crafty could redo that thing and make it shabby chic...but I'm not that someone.



Hey, did you know we bake 4 ounce pies into jelly jars?  Because we do.  Ahem.



The great baby pie tin debacle is back for a second time in 2015.  Remember when we kept receiving the wrong tins from Webstaurant last spring and so we bought 6,000 to keep it from happening again?  Well, we used all 6,000 and when we ordered another 1,000...the wrong tins showed up again.  After I achieve World Pie Domination, I'm going to focus on "manufacture my own tins domination".



We ran into Truman earlier today at Sam's.  We have no clue why he was there, but it didn't stop us from a selfie next to the frozen taquitos.



I realize it isn't Friday yet, but most ours have been starting out in the wee hours of the morning.  I snapped a quick picture of the clock in my car last Saturday morning while at the stoplight next to a group of people I'm pretty sure were on the their way home after a fun night out.  You know the best way to feel super old?  Just go to work when people half your age are finishing their night...