There Is This...

If you are curious about what happens on a Tuesday in July at PJP Buttonwood, the short answer is...not much terribly interesting.  But there is this...

  1. The PJP logo stamp has been ordered and should be here later this week.  I was responsible for ordering it, so in the event that it doesn't fit the box or something is weird about it,  I AM SORRY IN ADVANCE.  I'm not crafty and I feel stamps are crafting adjacent.
  2. The new Yellow Pages arrived at our house over the weekend.  If you look up "PIES", PJP is the only listing.  I hereby declare #WorldPieDomination (phone book version) to be complete.
  3. Did you know the Public Works Department calls in advance to schedule the yearly grease trap inspection?  Well, they do.
  4. Our food broker shipped us 30 pounds of bean burritos today instead of 30 pounds of butter.  We noticed it and asked the delivery driver to load the burritos back on his truck, but I'm curious what Mexican restaurant in town is completely out of burritos tonight.
  5. We are currently out of small bags, big bags, and forks.  In case you keep track of that sort of thing.  And butter.
  6. We actually ordered replacement chemicals for our marginally functional dishwasher last week.  15 months after leasing the unit, the massive drums of cleanser were finally running low.  Somewhere between requiring we purchase the chemicals monthly and actually needing the chemicals annually is where Ecolab and I disagree.
  7. Webstaurant suggested we order a new style of 9 inch pie tins that is actually $27 dollars less than the previous tins we ordered.  How can that be?  Why is it cheaper and why are they so intent on telling me the option exists?
  8. I did order them, by the way.  The curiosity was too much for me and I NEED TO KNOW what makes them so much cheaper.  I guess if they burst into flames in the oven, then we will know.
  9. One of our favorite employees, Mitch, is back from Germany.  Apparently he focused on wearing his PJP shirt around most of Western Europe because #WorldPieDomination #Deutschland has a nice flow to it.
  10. We are selfishly happy to have him back on American soil, because he is pretty great.  And he offered to work this Saturday.  Ahem.