Wednesday. And Aleene.

  1. Columbia Public Schools is officially on summer break as of this afternoon.  And if you've hung around here long enough, you know that I tend toward the overdramatic...and the end of a school year always does me in.  You show me teachers standing outside waving goodbye as the cars stream out of the parking lot and I'll show you tears.  That said, my children have opted to work at PJP rather than attend summer school this year and FREE LABOR is sweet music to my payroll-paying soul.  (Just kidding, OSHA.  Ahem.)
  2. A salesperson from an immediately recognizable organization has been calling INCESSANTLY and despite my 1,874 ways to nicely tell him "no thanks", it hasn't worked.  So today when he called (I swear, he must have a calendar reminder set) and asked to speak to me, Jeanne refused on the basis that the answer is still no and I'm just not good at disappointing anyone.  It was actually sort of awesome.  I bet that guy didn't think so though.
  3. A big change is coming to our foyer.  No spoilers, but it involves our good friends at Johnston Paint and in, Melissa and Murph actually came to our store with samples of different things, helped us make decisions, went back to the store and got all the stuff we needed and brought it back to us.   In short, WE LOVE THEM.  PJP Inner Circle members forever.
  4. I hope we will start our project soon.  And when I say "we", I really mean "Jeanne".  I think the record here on the blog reflects that if you want to have a conversation about fine-grit sandpaper and polyurethane, I'm not the one you choose.  (But if you like conversations about Dexter and righteous indignation, well PICK ME.  CHOOSE ME.  LOVE ME.)  (Bonus points if you caught the Meredith Gray reference.)
  5. We glued ribbons on 130 jelly jar pies today for a wedding.  Let's talk for a second about Aleene's Tacky Glue.  Does NASA know Aleene makes this stuff?  Because I'm certain you could glue ribbons to jelly jars OR repair a spaceship with it, or both in the same afternoon.  I'm still sticky eight hours later...let that be the 47th reason on the list of while I fail at Arts&Crafts.  (I'm going to bet though that Aleene has never found a hunk of tacky glue remnants in her hair or uttered an entire string of expletives while using her product.)

I just realized none of these things had anything to do with each other, but I'm blaming it on Wednesday.  And Aleene.