It seems like the last few weeks have been a litany of bake the pies, box the pies, sell the pies.  And then go home, sleep, shower, put on clean PJP t-shirt, bake the pies, box the pies, and sell the pies.  And here is where I should cut in some sorta of overly inspirational Pinterest quote on an ocean view background about finding joy in the mundane.  But I'm not that kind of girl, because where is the sarcasm in that?  That said, here are a few interesting tidbits from life at PJP Buttonwood over the last week or so...

  1. I carved "PJP" into a 50-pound block of shortening.  Because if you have access to that sort of thing, why would you not?FullSizeRender-53
  2. We had three baking disasters today, directly related to the fact that cornstarch and powdered sugar ARE NOT THE SAME THING.  But they totally look like it in unlabeled matching buckets.  Ahem.
  3. Jeanne and I absolutely threw down with each other the other day and ended up in a fight.  It had been brewing for a bit and finally, a straw broke the camel's back.  I won't tell you the cause because it was pretty ridiculous (it actually had to do with a sweet potato), but in the name of keeping it real here...we yelled at each other a fair amount for a Friday afternoon.tumblr_mc9zwkFQpA1ro2vvb
  4. But then 17 minutes or so later it was over and we told each other that we loved each other.  Because there is no other way to survive in a family business than to love someone enough to have a dumb argument about root vegetables and then just move on and be okay.
  5. I read earlier this evening that National Small Business Week was May 4-8th. According to the SBA, more than half of Americans own or work for a small business. that case, shouldn't 51 weeks of the year be National Small Business Week and the other one week be the Big Box Retailer Week?  Just saying.
  6. The SBA is also naming a company soon as Small Business of the Year.  The platinum sponsor of the contest is Microsoft.  Because IRONY.
  7. Somehow, I think after this post, I'll never win that award.
  8. Fighting about sweet potatoes probably disqualifies you.
  9. Blogging about fighting about sweet potatoes probably disqualifies you for life.
  10. But if I'm going to fight with anyone about sweet potatoes, it would be Jeanne.  We are both great at taking a hardline position on anything possible.  And now that we've made up, we are taking all of our opinions to Pitch Perfect 2 tomorrow night, wherein we suspect, it will be aca-awesome..