Major Media.

On Monday I posted about our MajorMagazineWatch2k15 and how excited we were for what that might bring to PJP World Pie Domination.  And today, in the most interesting turn of events, PJP showed up on Inc. Magazine's "10 Unique Foodie Gifts for the Moms in Your Office" (  And while Inc. Magazine wasn't the target of MajorMagazineWatch2k15, our first splash into major market national media was nothing short of exhilarating. By the numbers, Inc. Magazine has 609,000 followers on Facebook and 1.26 million followers on Twitter.  And the mere thought that perhaps even one-half of one percent of those social media loyal stumbled upon the article and linked to PJP and our sweet little Jelly Jar pies thrills us like you can't even imagine.  The reality though is that we high-fived each other after reading the news and went right back to putting lids on burning-hot-from-the-oven jelly jars to ensure that all the shipping orders were out the door by 5:30 pm.  We lead a glamorous life, indeed.




Obviously, inclusion on this list only means great things for PJP.  Without question, it is publicity that we could never afford through traditional advertising means.  But all that said, the inclusion of our Jelly Jar pies on this list is a great confirmation from a third party (in this case, Inc. Magazine writer John Brandon) that the innovation and creativity behind what we are doing is notable to others and worthy of mention.

And in an interesting twist, Garrett's Popcorn is number eight on the list.  Garrett's is a long-time featured favorite of the woman (and magazine) at the heart of our original MajorMagazineWatch2k15.  Which makes me think of Joseph Gordon-Levitt's The Tiny Book of Tiny Stories, Vol. 1"...


For whatever it is worth, I'm always on the side of Fate...