Star of the Week

In reviewing our sales data through Square for May 2014, I was surprised to find that our number one seller a year ago was Peach Praline.  And not surprised because it is delicious - a mix of brown sugar, butter, pecans, and fresh peaches - but because I would have guessed that a lighter, more springtime pie like the French Silk would have won out.  (Apparently, I would not make a good pie sommelier.) And in discussing the top-selling pies from this time last year, we thought...why not just go all out and make the best-selling May 2014 pie our May 2015 Star of the Week?  From May 1st through May 8th, Peach Praline is getting all the special treatment, including a 10% discount all week long.  And just so you understand this complex pie a bit more, we've done a brief Q&A.  Meet Peach Praline:

Peggy Jeans Pies in Columbia, Missouri.

PJP:  Give us three words to describe yourself, Peach Praline.

PP:  I'm complex, intense, and non-traditional.  And I'm totally okay with that.

PJP:  What sets you apart from your cousin, Old Fashion Peach?

PP:  He is the pie you buy to thank a friend.  I'm the pie you buy to impress the one that you might be falling in love with.

PJP:  Hmmm, noted.  What sort of PJP customer should take you home?

PP:  Customers who like new and surprising things and who aren't afraid to go for what they want.  Customers with vanilla ice cream in their freezers.  Customers who don't shy away from after dinner drinks and late nights.  Customers who don't need to check their glucose levels after they eat.

PJP:  Share some of your likes with us, Peach Praline:

PP:  Long walks on the beach.  Rainy nights.  Netflix binges.  Just oven trays, the smell of a fresh pie box, and being taken home while still warm.

PJP:  What are your dislikes?

PP:  People who worry about my calorie count.  A shortage of pecans.  And glitter.

PJP:  When you are all alone, what do you think about?

PP:  Why someone would choose Gooseberry over me.  Seriously.  I take it very personally....I can't stand that guy.

PJP:  Any advice to your baby pie version?

PP:  Let people buy you once...they will be back for you in a nine-inch version.

PJP: How do you feel about World Pie Domination?

PP: How would you feel if you won a million dollars?

Find Peach Praline - both the five-inch and nine-inch versions - everyday at PJP Buttonwood.  You won't be sorry that you did.