Jeanne Takes A Vacation Day...

Jeanne took the day off from PJP today.  In no particular order, here are 10 things I missed about her:

  1. She usually beats me to PJP by a few minutes each morning.   Coming into the store with the lights already on and Coffeehouse tunes already playing is much nicer than coming into a quiet and dark store after you stayed up half the night watching a show about a serial killer.
  2. We always go get our coffee together each morning at Caribou.  She works some voodoo magic involving half-and-half, regular milk, and Splenda that makes our iced coffees taste better than when I do it. coffee
  3. Because our food truck hadn't arrived yet and we were short on flour, I went to Hy-vee to buy 10 pounds to hold us over until late morning.  I accidentally bought Whole Wheat Flour.  Mitch noticed the mistake upon my return and so I called Jeanne to see if we could use it regardless.  Negative, Ghost Rider...back to Hy-Vee.  That sort of thing never happens on her watch.
  4. And then we realized we were out of sugar, heavy whipping cream, and milk.  REALLY?  Going to Hy-Vee five times before 9 am is more fun when you have someone to go with you.
  5. She is super good at saying no to things.  It must be the time of year for purveyors of cheap promotional products to call and ask for a manager or owner so that we can discuss "once-in-a-lifetime" personalized pen prices.  I fielded several calls before finally just saying no and hanging up, but then I felt guilty about it.  Jeanne wouldn't have, trust me.
  6. The Sewer Utility Inspection Guy (his official title, I'm guessing), stopped by and asked for our grease trap logs.  Jeanne knows where those things are and she isn't afraid to discuss the finer points of grease trap maintenance.  I really just wanted to point out that he could have saved himself the trip if he just read last week's post on spending $200 to suck the gunk out of our grease trap.bon qui qui
  7. Someone had to root around in the dishwasher with their hand for stray tablespoons.  I totally hate when that person is me.
  8. I was still boxing pies at 2:30 this afternoon because I was on the struggle bus without her baking schedule organization and everything took longer than normal.
  9. We were packed with journalism students working on their final projects.  I am completely out of interesting sound bites and the journalism students are probably completely sick of me.  At least Jeanne would have provided a change of pace.
  10. Sweeping at the end of the day is Jeanne's favorite task.  Sweeping at the end of the day is NOT my favorite task (so I didn't...I left it for her so she would have something to look forward to tomorrow...I'm super considerate that way.)

I can't wait to see her tomorrow.  Legit.