Veritable Smorgasbord

We had the privilege of serving pie tonight at Inside Columbia's Best of Columbia 2015 party.  We took 450 slices of pie and left with none, so we consider it a complete success. I have five short observations before I binge watch Dexter...

  1. The fine peeps at Inside Columbia know how to throw a party.  And cocktails at The Rooftop as the sun sets on a beautiful Thursday in April?  Well done, Fred Parry...well done, indeed.
  2. Food and drink vendors were at the hotel in full force.  We were placed between Las Margaritas (who brought margaritas) and Lutz's BBQ (who brought homemade potato chips).  Our real estate was premium.
  3. Baking 450 slices of pie takes a lot longer than serving and watching 450 slices of pie be devoured.
  4. That said, we didn't get to sample 12 different cocktails while we baked like we did while we there is that.
  5. As much as we drank, well...we ate A LOT as well.  Remember that scene in Charlotte's Web where Templeton finds a veritable smorgasbord at the fair?  Yep, felt a little like that.Templeton