On Your 1st Birthday...

Dear PJP V. 2.0, On the eve of your very first birthday, we just wanted to say that WE ADORE YOU.  Really, seriously, truly and madly...ADORE YOU.  You may be 1,000 square feet on Buttonwood Drive, but to Jeanne and I...well, you are part of us and we never want to think of our lives without you.

What we like about you most, PJP V. 2.0, is that you have made us better women.  We are stronger and smarter and wiser and different girls - in all the best ways - than we were one year ago tonight.  You've seen us at our very best and well, you have seen us at our very worst.  And whatever the case, we always wanted to come back to you the next morning.  That is love at its very best.

And look, we know not everyone goes through their first year of business and comes out more in love than 12 months ago.  We get it...we are some very lucky women, indeed.  You make it easy to love though, PJP.  You are independent and fierce and vastly compelling.  And when we say that we are on the quest to World Pie Domination, we truly believe that a PJP everywhere could really be a thing.  As in, perhaps PJP is just smart enough and crazy enough to actually just do it - to build a pie nation for everyone.  It is possible, no?

So, PJP - know this, YOU ARE THE VERY BEST.  You've brought us new friends, new opportunities, new ways of thinking, and new long-term goals.  Basically, you sort of flipped our lives upside down, shook it all around, and threw it all back at us in an entirely new - and so, so, so much - better way.  We are forever indebted.

To another million years, PJP.

All of our love on your first birthday,