Preach It.

Yesterday, I wrote a post on Facebook that encouraged fans to comment and share the post for a chance to win a baby pie.  A mere 24 hours later, that post had been viewed 33,024 times.  33,024?  Let's all just let that sink in for a moment...MIND BLOWN. And as our post worked its way through the back channels of the World Wide Web to locations near and far, PJP Buttonwood was a veritable HUB OF ACTIVITY today.  Not only were we baking, sampling, and selling a lot of pie, we were visiting with old friends and making a lot of new friends.  And in something that rarely happens, I think I out extroverted my extrovert self.  By 5:30, I only had enough content left in me to text Behind-The-Scenes-Tech-Guru Jason to meet us at El Maguey.  That he should go ahead and order our jumbo strawberry margaritas on the rocks before I even get there is part of our marital agreement.

And over dinner, he was ready for all of my news.  Except I just wanted to drink my margarita and think about how many episodes of House Hunters:  Where Are They Now I could squeeze in before someone in my house started a revolution to overthrow HGTV.

And now that I'm in complete silence and I think about my day and all the information swirling around in my brain, I think about a picture of PJP Buttonwood taken a year ago today.  We've come a long way in 356 days, no?  



And here might be where I share some sort of inspirational quote about knowing where we came from to know where we are going, except I'm the worst at pinning that sort of thing.  And so in lieu of motivation in a flowery font, I give you the best representation of Team PJP...PREACH IT, BETTE.