330 Days.

Today marks 11 months of PJP V. 2.0.  Here is what we know roughly 330 days into the game...

  1. We aren't the women we were 330 days ago.  You can't build a business and set your sights on World Pie Domination and be just the same as the day you started it, or otherwise, what is the point?
  2. We've made so many new friends in the last 330 days.  The sort of friends that share their news - both happy and sad - with us, that stop by for hugs, that make us laugh until we cry,  that would get out of their warm beds right this very second and come to help us if we needed it...those sort of very rare friends.  Some people wait their whole lives for just a few encounters like the ones we have every day and goodness, please know how grateful we are for each of you.
  3. We both came to the PJP table with friends who wouldn't have bet $5 that we would ever consider opening a pie business.  And for the most part, those friends have cheered us on, offered help, told us we could do it when we had doubts, let us cry when we were tired, and celebrated when we had success.  Every person has a story and these people who have never faltered with us in the last 330 days even though they could have legitimately declared us more work than we are worth...you are forever part of our story.
  4. We both loaded up the PJP bus with spouses and children and pets that existed in the pre-World Pie Domination quest.  And our people just got on the bus with us, even when they weren't entirely sure World Pie Domination was a destination anyone could reach.  Those are the best kind of people.
  5. We have experienced every plausible range of emotion while inside of PJP Buttonwood.  We will spend another 49 months in that space...and who knows what might come after that.  But whatever the case, that 1.050 square feet will always reflect so much of our personalities.
  6. We love PJP, clearly.  And on occasion, we are exhausted with PJP and are tired of all the pies.  In that case, we drink wine and simply go back to it the next morning because we love it too much to not.
  7. We still mess up approximately 14% of the time.  330 days in and we can't figure it all out.  Between just you and I and the fence post, I believed I had all the answers 330 days ago.  Realizing that we don't is what I like to call MATURITY.
  8. We have learned to recognize in each other what makes the other one mad or causes hurt feelings.  Some mothers and daughters experience their entire relationship and never come close to that...we get that we are fortunate women in so many ways.
  9. We both have this innate ability to think about someone to have them walk through our doors later in the day.  We joke that we've conjured them up.  We figure if the pie thing doesn't work out, we would be good on the Psychic Friends Hotline.
  10. We believe in World Pie Domination.  As in won't-stop-until-it-happens.  As in we-plan-to-make-it-a-real-thing.  We are really working on conjuring that one up, so we are prepared when it gets here.  True story.