300 Days.

Here we are at the 10 month mark of PJP Buttonwood.  And I'm starting to worry that even five years from now, I'll be compelled to mark each milestone in terms of months.  As in "oh, PJP is 70 months old today..." Here is what we know:

  1. Understanding the person you own a business with is an evolving process.  I know Jeanne...as in I KNOW HER.  I could walk into a store and buy her favorite lipstick and her favorite bottle of wine without calling to ask her either.  We can have an entire conversation by only looking at each other.  I can finish her sentences.  But I'm still learning about her thoughts about the quest to World Pie Domination.  And I'm never disappointed.
  2. Whatever we lack in competitive hourly pay and benefits plans, we make up for in snacks.FullSizeRender-37
  3. We excel at hosting a super fun party.  Or we excel at drinking wine and showing people how to bake a pie.  Either way.
  4. Jeanne does not care for playlists that feature all the hits from the 90s.  But turn on Peter, Paul, and Mary...
  5. We need someone to serve as our Director of Procurement.  The only qualification is that you don't wait until we are on the last box/bag/sticker/pound of butter/pint of strawberries before noticing we need more.  Because if we are going to go that route, I can just keep the job.
  6. In effort to accomplish more, we've started making ourselves a weekly list and hanging it on the wall in the baking area.  And the only lesson learned here is that sometimes it takes a village into goading us into getting stuff done.FullSizeRender-38
  7. During the winter months, The Kroenke Group lays down enough salt melt in the parking lot and on the sidewalks to whittle away the polar ice cap.  I would guess the budget for salt melt pellets is 98.7% of our monthly common charges.
  8. Being super busy is 982% better than being super slow.  I'm super serious.
  9. Writing on hand pies in cursive dough letters is not in my wheelhouse.  But Jeanne is down with it all day long...FullSizeRender-39
  10. We would not be anything without the exceptionally kind love and support from THE BEST CUSTOMERS EVER.  One day, when I write the story of PJP, I'm dedicating it to you.