If you know me at all in real life, then you know that my attention span is fairly short.  And trust me when I say that I come by my attention deficit legitimately...Jeanne and I both excel at falling madly in love with something for a few weeks to only have it replaced by something newer and shinier.  The storage room in my basement is littered with the detritus of failed hobbies.  There was a brief period a few years ago that I thought sewing a rag quilt might be fun (hint:  it wasn't).  I have a few books on becoming a real estate agent, because, well...because HOUSE HUNTERS.  And please never ask Behind-The-Scenes-Tech-Guru Jason about my brief foray into cross-stitching in the late 1990s.  (I would like to say in my defense that cross-stitch is difficult, tedious, and almost impossible to do while drinking.) So, imagine my surprise when I logged into WordPress tonight and discovered that this post is actually my 300th blog post.  THREE HUNDRED BLOG POSTS.  I know, right?  And as someone who has started to write at least 20 books to only abandon it all after the first 50 pages in or so, I feel a little redemptive that somewhere on the Interwebs exists no less than 300 pages(ish) that I've committed to writing and posting.  It is quite bizarre, actually.  And starting today, the blog is available to follow on Bloglovin'.  (If you aren't familiar, Bloglovin' is a great app that collects your daily RSS feed of blogs and delivers them to your mobile device in a easy-read mobile device format.  I'm a little in love.  You can add the PJP blog to your daily feed by searching for Peggy Jean's Pies.  Obviously.)

And so you would think that my 300th blog post would come in on a blaze of glory with some groundbreaking news...but, rather, it comes in on a blaze of all the usual happenings at PJP (which are never just mundane).  I did happen to snap this picture earlier this week and it makes me 300 kinds of happy...


A great customer and loyal blog reader purchased a Milk Chocolate Strawberry pie and presented his Inner Circle VIP card.  And oh my word...look at the wear and tear on that card.  I'm not always certain what World Pie Domination looks like in progress, but when I get a quick glimpse of this well-used and well-loved VIP card...I am completely certain I know what the WPD endgame looks like.  And this guy has read the vast majority of our 300 posts and still likes us enough to keep seeing us...worth noting.

Also?  This is way more fun than threading that tiny little cross-stitch needle.