A Few Items Of Note...

Because a Tuesday is for making lists, here are a few items of note:

  1. We've spent some time over the last week discussing the idea of a concession trailer...which is really just a food truck, minus the engine and whole driving-it-around-town part.  We could sell pies to the masses at events like True/False Film Festival and Roots and Blues.  I know very little about concession trailers - and even less about the licensing requirements for concession trailers - so we have some work to do before deciding if hand pies to festival goers should be a thing or not.  But the thought is sorta exciting.
  2. Because I continue to fail as the Director of Procurement, we are currently out of PJP logo stickers.  But we do have boxes in stock, so there is that.  Procuring a box with our logo printed on it will be like finding the pot of gold at the end of a rainbow.
  3. Next Wednesday, February 18th, is National Drink Wine Day.  And that has nothing to do with pie, but I felt it deserved a mentioned.   Cheers.
  4. My SIGNIFICANT birthday looms just a few short days away.  And if you are in my Inner Circle, you well know that I am having ALL THE ISSUES about it.  So, to make myself feel temporarily better, I gifted myself with a Spotify premium subscription for my computer and all other devices.  And look, I'm writing this post while listening commercial free to The Civil Wars "Barton Hollow", which could my very favorite album of all time.  And if you are going to start somewhere, start here:  The Civil Wars – I've Got This Friend
  5. PJP has been the place to have a party lately.  Last weekend, we hosted a Girls Night Out event on Saturday night and a surprise birthday party on Sunday afternoon.  And can I tell you how fun these events are?  We've had a few people who have asked if we get tired of the parties because it keeps us at PJP Buttonwood for longer hours and the short answer is...no.  The honest truth is that the parties are ridiculously fun.  We get to make friends, drink wine, and talk about World Pie Domination and um, yes, please.  I just updated our webpage for the events (well, I wrote it...Behind-The-Scenes-Tech-Guru made the rest happen, but you know what I mean):  http://pjpies.com/parties_events/.
  6. And speaking of parties, we hosted our second #pieandbooze with Dogmaster Distillery last Thursday.  You know how sometimes the sequel is never as good as the first?  Not the case here...we made Brown Butter Chess pie and Dogmaster made a hot chocolate with some sort of whisky cream in it that I'm sill thinking about five days later.  I wouldn't be exaggerating to say that I considered putting a straw in their bottle and just going from there.  And to make it the whole night even more fun, the parents of our super sweet employee Mitch came from Oklahoma to be a part of #pieandbooze.  We tried to be on our best behavior and Mitch didn't quit today, so we are guessing they gave us the thumbs-up.  Whew.
  7. I don't mean to get you terribly excited, but I'm working with Impact Signs and Silent Stan's people on getting some PJP-specific parking spaces.  Since the opening of Tiger Bounce, our parking has been at a premium...especially on Fridays and Saturdays.  I'm hoping for four spaces (but, shhh...I'm willing to settle for three).  I specifically would like the spots immediately outside our door and I'm hoping that Impact comes up with some language nicer than "DO NOT EVEN THINK ABOUT PARKING HERE UNLESS YOU PLAN TO VISIT PJP".
  8. I'm working on a project that is not yet ripe for discussion, but just know it involved engaging in a web chat with a federal governmental agency.  It was completely unhelpful  (though, in the government's defense, the person (Karen) tried to be helpful...I just lost confidence when Karen suggested I might find the information I need in the blue pages of the phone book.  Wait.  What?  First of all, I don't have a phone book because this isn't 1994.  Secondly, blue pages?)FullSizeRender-33
  9. Here is what we are doing for Valentine's Day (besides mourning my youth)...this is a Milk Chocolate Strawberry pie.  Available in your choice of white, milk, or dark chocolate, this pie has a layer of chocolate, fresh strawberries, and then a whip of the juice from the strawberries, heavy whipping cream, and sugar.  In the center is a chocolate rose.  I'll also add that we did a few of these today without crust because that makes them GLUTEN-FREE, people.  Call your gluten-free friends and tell them to call their gluten-free friends.FullSizeRender-34
  10. Jeanne and I shared some chocolates today.  And if you ever wanted to see an inner glimpse of how our brains work, this says it all...FullSizeRender-35