Nine Months.

Last Saturday brought our nine-month PJP anniversary.  NINE MONTHS.  Jeanne and I celebrated in our respective homes with our respective Netflix queues, but our 270 day ownership experience was on our minds nonetheless.  Here are some thoughts...

  1. Working 18 hour days during November and December was exhausting, but a perfect fit for me.  I always do much better when I don't have time to sit around and stew about things that might or might not happen.  An abrupt change from being "super insane busy" to "normal busy" is like driving directly into a brick wall...and that is exactly what the change from December to January has been like at PJP.  For various reasons, I've always vehemently disliked March but I now hereby move January to least-favored status.  #SorryNotSorry
  2. Speaking of January, I just looked at my weather app and saw that the temperatures look delightful for this time of the year and there is no snow in the forecast.  I immediately felt relief because we are definitely busier when it isn't North Pole sort of cold and there isn't six inches of snow on the ground.  Apparently the sub-title of the Farmer's Almanac is "For Small Business Owners Too!"
  3. We are getting much better at really identifying what works for us and what is just background noise.  I know that sounds ridiculous considering we've done this for 270 days, but it is the legit truth.
  4. All that said, we are not excelling at being joiners.  There are so many organizations in town - Chamber of Commerce, Women's Network, BNI, and on and on.  There are always meetings to be a part of, luncheons to register for, mixers to drop by at, and committees that need volunteers.  And I wish we were joiners...but we aren't.  And neither of us ever have been.  And I've been thinking a bit about the line between "fiercely independent" and "playing nice".  I came thisclose for signing up for some sort of lunch thing, but I just couldn't after looking at the agenda.  It all sounded lovely...just for someone else.
  5. Jeanne and I have been swapping Saturdays in effort to have some normal weekends.  It was my turn in early January and on my way in on Saturday, I was tempted to throw a big pity party about the early morning, the cold, the Saturday, the everything.  And then I thought of every minute I sat in an office chair behind a desk and remembered that I am so, so, so very fortunate to have PJP.  Owning a business isn't for everyone (and that is good, because who would work for us, then?)...but if you are looking at the clock on your PC in your cubicle at 1:15 pm and swearing that it has to be 4:45 pm or you are going to burst into tears while working on your TPS reports, I HAVE BEEN THERE AND YOU ARE NOT ALONE.  2014officespace1
  6. While I thought that the first few months of a new business brought in all the advertisers, the first month of a new year brings the ad reps in by the double.  I'm going to print up business cards that say "Dear Person Selling Ad Space, Thank you so, so, so much for the fine opportunity for a 1/8, 1/4, 1/2, or whole page ad.  It truly sounds delightful and like an amazing opportunity.  Alas, we are on a budget and we can't afford it.  I'm really bad at letting you down and saying no in person, so this card serves as my thanks, but no thanks without making it awkward.  Sincerely, Team PJP."
  7. We spent time researching random holidays - like "National Apple Pie Day" and marking them on our calendar and then I just wanted to go home and pull the covers over my head because looking at the year that way felt overly daunting.
  8. If you are interested in owning your own business, I strongly suggest you look into the 6x6x3 Kraft Box - With Window market.  I've been doing some research and it appears there is only one company in America that makes that size.  Isn't that odd?  I would like to see the list of other customers that order the 6x6x3 boxes for no good reason but that I'm nosey and competitive.
  9. I think that upon World Pie Domination, we should probably just manufacture our own boxes.  And own some orchards for all the fruit.  And write off trips to Brazil to learn a thing or two about sugar production.
  10. And finally, I received a payment booklet in the mail from the Department of Revenue and had no clue what to do with it.  I took a picture of it and texted it to our accountant with the caption "uhhhh?".  And look, a year ago I might have shoved it in a drawer and acted like it didn't exist.  Two steps forward, people.

And to each of you...when I was thinking up the card for the ad space peddlers, I thought of you too...

"Dear Blog Reader, Thank you so so so much for believing in PJP.  Every time you stop by PJP or you read the blog or you like us on Facebook or you tell a friend about us, you are changing the big picture of PJP.  And look, we would tell each of you this in person, but I'd probably cry a lot and it would be awkward.  Let's not make it awkward.  Just know we couldn't do it without you.  Sincerely, Team PJP"