If I were having a conversation in person with you right now, I would be tempted to lean toward you and whisper... "We were excellent today."


I fear saying it too loudly or perhaps you'll suddenly hear a thunderclap, see a bolt of lightning, and poof...our day tomorrow  will be chaos second only to the day before Thanksgiving.  But in this moment, right this very second, I'll relax in the sweet memories of being completely prepared for today.  And as a bonus feature to our day, we even delivered our shipping boxes to the UPS store before late afternoon darkness fell upon 3601 Buttonwood.  I know...I don't understand either.  Used to seeing us squeal into the parking lot and then running the shipping boxes to the counter as the last seconds to ship tick away, the UPS store employees claimed they had perhaps witnessed a Christmas miracle indeed as they scanned our boxes for destinations near and far.

We kicked in some new upgrades to the holiday pie pick-up process (the HPPUP?) and the results are encouraging.  We (and I mean Behind-The-Scenes-Tech-Guru Jason) did something fancy on the computer and made labels for each box, so that I could check myself against the baking schedule and the pick-up report.  This gave me a triple-check on our pie counts and gave Behind-The-Scenes-Tech-Guru Jason the opportunity to use the phrase "recursive algorithm" at least three different times in one conversation.  I would Google "recursive algorithm" but honestly, there are some things I don't want to know anything how city planners create building codes or what the inside of our grease trap looks like when it is full.

I also wised up and asked Ashrah, our favorite Saturday employee, to come in and just answer the phone.  And if I had a dollar for every single time I congratulated myself on making that smart decision, I would buy us each a glass of white wine right now.  Also, if I had a dollar for every person that called and asked what sort of pies they might be able to buy on Christmas Day, I would buy us each a bottle of white wine instead.  And just so you know, you can buy no pies at PJP on Christmas Day.  Primarily because I'll be wearing pajama pants, drinking a mimosa, and eating cookies for breakfast...and that would seriously interfere with any sort of baking schedule.

So on tap for tomorrow (besides a middle-of-the-night start time) is significantly more pies and significantly less Jelly Jars than today.  And if it is anything less, than smooth sailing through calm seas, I'm totally blaming algorithms.