No Particular Order.

Because I've almost driven myself crazy over the last few days with all the things I feel like I don't know, I'm making myself focus on what I do know.  In no particular order...

  1. Our new holiday pie order form is a technological breakthrough for PJP.  Take all the crazy from Thanksgiving and forget about it.  Behind-The-Scenes-Tech-Guru Jason has built a system that allows you to pick your pies AND your pick-up time, thereby avoiding long waits and pies still in the oven.  Just knowing that form is sitting out there in the interwebs at makes me relax a little bit when I think about Christmas pies.
  2. We hired a new PJP employee because our goal is to increase in-store supply of Jelly Jar pies and tarts, especially as Christmas approaches.  We've created a 2.5 inch tart that is absolutely adorable, purchased little bags and ribbons, and imagined a swoon-worthy $2 gift.  And this week, you'll find them at PJP Buttonwood.
  3. I'm going to do a "12 Days of Christmas" giveaway starting tomorrow, as soon as I can find out how to put all the entries into an online random selection generator.  And by that, I mean as soon as Behind-The-Scenes-Tech-Guru Jason can get it all sorted out.
  4. We are providing the best hot chocolate (and free!) at the Tiger Bounce grand opening/Magic Tree lighting ceremony on Friday night.  How do I know it is the best?  Because we use whole milk instead of water to make it.  Also, because I'll probably be putting Bailey's in mine.
  5. On Saturday, Team PJP is coming to my house for dinner, drinks, and merriment.  When I think that last year we didn't know any of these people and now they are our family, well...mind blown.
  6. We will have some abbreviated hours here and there over the New Year's holiday week and we will let you know the plan as soon as we figure it out.  I feel that if we don't, our sanity may be seriously compromised for the start of 2015.  I think if I could just sleep for 20 hours, I would feel like my pre-Thanksgiving self.  Perhaps.
  7. I have a reminder on my phone set so I don't forget to vote for us in the Inside Columbia Best of Columbia 2014 contest.  Clearly, my shame spiral knows no limits.
  8. The construction on the new Starbucks has begun and I'm still unclear on how that small space will hold a Starbucks and a drive-thru.  I'm not a traffic management specialist, but I predict a Sonic/Starbucks/Hot Yoga/Buffalo Wild Wings parking lot implosion.
  9. I have new tea towels, candles, and coffee mugs arriving at PJP tomorrow.  If your Christmas shopping list includes someone inclined toward being snarky, you are in luck because I know a thing or two about merchandise for snarky individuals.
  10. Our baby pie box manufacturer has no date in mind for actually making the boxes and shipping them, so we are substituting our normal box with a box that doesn't have a window and that has to be completely assembled by a PJP employee.  This means that I'll need double the Bailey's and double the snarky by Friday night.