Pick Flick.

Each year, Fred Parry and his team at Inside Columbia conduct the annual "Best of Columbia" competition.  This year is a bit different because the competition is allowing write-in contestants.  Basically, you can add anyone/anything to a particular category and then on January 9th, the top ten vote-getters in each category will remain on the ballot for voting through the final three weeks of voting through Friday, January 31st. At some point over the weekend, I realized that someone (or multiple someones) has/have nominated PJP in several different categories and well, WE ARE HONORED.  And in the interest of full disclosure, I'm an intensely competitive person and now that I've seen PJP on the ballot, well, just call me Tracy Flick...because I really want to win.



The ballot allows you to vote for each category, once a day (the ballot can be found here:  http://www.insidecolumbia.net/Contests/).  Here are the categories where you can find PJP:


Jeanne Plumley, Peggy Jean's Pies


Rebecca Miller, Peggy Jean's Pies

Hole-In-The-Wall Place (that little restaurant or bar with a devoted local clientele)

Peggy Jean's Pies

New Restaurant Opened in 2014

Peggy Jean's Pies

Best Place To Buy A Gift For A Guy

Peggy Jean's Pies

Favorite Dessert

Anything from Peggy Jean's Pies

Chocolate Bourbon Pecan Pie at Peggy Jean's Pies

Dutch Apple Pie at Peggy Jean's Pies

French Silk Pie at Peggy Jean's Pies

German Chocolate Pie at Peggy Jean's Pies


I used to think that anyone who said it was simply an honor to be nominated was probably just playing nice after they lost.  But the truth is that being nominated in so many categories makes us feel all the warm and fuzzy love that I can't discuss without starting to cry.  Clearly I'm still recovering emotionally from Thanksgiving week at PJP.

If you have a moment or two, be sure to jump on and vote regularly for whatever you find to be the Best of Columbia.  I'm not sure what the winners of each category receive, but if it is merely just a "MAJOR AWARD WINNER" sash, well, PJP would wear it with honor and could never love anything more...