Thanksgiving Q&A

We are two weeks away from the Superbowl of the pie baking business...Thanksgiving.  And on our quest to World Pie Domination, our goal is to grace as many Thanksgiving dinner tables as possible.  Here is everything you've wanted to know about the Thanksgiving pie process but were afraid to ask...

  1. Should I plan to pre-order my Thanksgiving pies?  HECK, YES.  We already have almost 300 orders for the week of Thanksgiving and so if you decide to place an order, you will just be joining some really good pie-loving, PJP supporting company.  And in all honesty, we will work to over-bake for the store during that week, but we can make no guarantees on availability.  So if your family might never talk to you again if you don't show up to dinner with a Chocolate Bourbon Pecan pie, we suggest you place an order.
  2. Fair do I order?  You can call us at 573-447-PIES (see what we did there?) or if you hate calling people on the phone as much as I do, we made an online order form.  You can find it at
  3. Do I have to pay at the time of ordering?  Nope.  In face, we prefer that you pay when you pick up your pies.  This is only because we will probably work ALL THE HOURS that week and we may feel slightly justified if we log our biggest week of sales at PJP yet.
  4. Can I use gift cards, VIP discount cards, and/or Doormail coupons to pay?  Well, Doormail expires tomorrow and so if you haven't used it yet and you've been driving around with it in your car, then we will see you bright and early tomorrow.  Gift cards are completely fine.  VIP discount cards may be used if you didn't receive the 10% pre-order discount...both won't work together.
  5. How are you going to work ALL THE HOURS and not have a breakdown?  We never guaranteed we wouldn't have a breakdown.  I'm putting the odds that one of us cries at VERY LIKELY.  I'm putting the odds that one of us yells at the other one at MOST CERTAINLY.
  6. What days will you be open during Thanksgiving week?  While normally closed on Mondays, we will be open on Monday, November 24th from 10:30 until 5:30.  On Tuesday, we will be open from 10:30 until 5:30.  On Wednesday, we will be open from 9 am to 6 pm.  We will be closed Thursday, obviously (and we won't be shopping anywhere that decides to open because when did just skipping over Thanksgiving in a zeal to get Christmas deals become a thing?)  And here is what we decided to do for Friday...we will open from 9 until 1.  Saturday will be our regular hours from 9 until 1.
  7. How do I know what to order?  Well, how do we know what you like to eat?  All kidding aside, here is how it works:  on Monday and Tuesday, you may order any pie in any size (baby, 9 inch, and/or 12 inch).  On Wednesday, you may only order 9 inch pies and choose from a pre-determined list of 10 Thanksgiving favorites.  This is to help us streamline our production on the busiest of baking days.  The online ordering system will default you to those 10 choices.
  8. What if my plans change and I need to cancel or change my order?  Call us or email us at at any time.  Because we will bake fresh each morning, we can accommodate last-minute requests (for the most part).  While Thanksgiving is some serious business, we are pretty zen about most things because above all, this is supposed to be fun, right?
  9. How much coffee do you and Jeanne plan to consume during those three pre-Thanksgiving days?  ALL THE COFFEE.  I think Bunnita makes 64 cups at a time.  We were thinking ahead on that decision.  And look, you didn't ask about wine, but there will be wine as well.
  10. How many pies do you plan to make?  We have no clue.  Our plan, partly in jest, has been to stop orders at 2,000 pies.  Unless someone stops by tomorrow and orders 1,700 pies or so, I think we will be just fine.  Whatever the number ends up being, we are up for the challenge.  And I plan to stream Eye of the Tiger by Survivor for our low moments.