Como Se Dice...

Hi There... Miss me?  I missed you.  Honestly, I did.

On Monday morning, I whisked Behind-The-Scenes-Tech-Guru Jason away to Playa del Carmen, Mexico for five days to celebrate his impending 40th birthday.  The plan was to write the blog beachside, but apparently AT&T hasn't figured out a way to get me an international 4G LTE wi-fi connection that doesn't cost more than a vacation condo.  So here is my only piece of wisdom after a seven-day blog break:  everyone should spend a random Wednesday afternoon drinking mucho margaritas at Señor Frog's with the person who has seen you at your very best AND your very worst and still loves you anyway...we had a ridiculous amount of fun.

Jeanne did double duty of parenting our children for the week AND being the head captain of PJP (she is the BEST).  Through the Viber app on my phone, I was only able to check in once a day or so and truth be told, I was missing my kids, my dog, and PJP Buttonwood terribly by the time we arrived home tonight.  I'm a little excited to get back into the groove tomorrow and give Jeanne a well-deserved break.  Here are the big things I missed out on this week:

  1. Last Friday, I received a Tweet from Feast Magazine that included a picture of their November issue with A PJP PIE ON THE COVER.  While we had been anticipating the story in the issue, we never expected to be on the cover and can I just tell you that we felt like PJP won the lottery with that photo (  The amazing photographer - Aaron Ottis - that spent a day with us and took so many beautiful shots of our pies and our space stopped by after we received a sneak peek of the cover on Friday and we all had a moment of "holy crap, we are on the cover of a magazine" moment that will forever be a part of the PJP story.  And if you are building a slow road to World Pie Domination, a cover story is an excellent first step.  We couldn't be more thankful to the team at Feast for the opportunity to be part of their issue.
  2. It is an exceptionally insane thing to see one of our sweet little baby pies on the cover of a major magazine, but then to flip open the magazine and read all about PJP?  MIND. BLOWN.  You can read the article here or stop by PJP or any number of different locations in Columbia for a copy:  We were anxious to read this article because we felt like the article's author, Valeria Tuturro Klamm, really appreciated us for who we are and understood our story.  We knew she would share it in a beautiful way and she did not disappoint.  So thank you, Valeria, and to the editorial team at Feast for capturing the essence of PJP V 2.0!
  3. And look, just when you think you've heard everything in the world about us, we might surprise you some interesting tidbits in this fun podcast with Valerie Zumwalt from CoMo Leaders.  We adored this interview because Valerie really asked us some insightful questions and got us to think about some new aspects to our journey together.  You can find the podcast (and a TON of other great local business owners sharing their thoughts) here:  We feel like a chat with CoMo Leaders was an excellent second stop on our road to World Pie Domination.
  4. Speaking of World Pie Domination, Behind-The-Scenes-Tech-Guru Jason and I spent a lot of time quizzing our fellow vacationers from around the world about their feelings regarding pie.  Almost everyone who spoke English gave a resounding "YES!" to pie, so now that I'm back home, I feel like we should conquer Thanksgiving and then begin to build a #WPD plan, no?  Who is in on that plan with me?
  5. Always in need of a good reminder to be humble on this journey, I snapped a quick picture of what we found outside of the resort's breakfast restaurant on Tuesday morning:FullSizeRender-8It took everything in me to not find the head chef and demand to know if even the Iberostar resort was required to purchase a minimum quantity of hand sanitizer each month.  ¿Cómo se dice "REALLY????" en español?