What I Know...

I write a lot here about what I don't know...and probably because that list is exceptionally longer than any other list I could write.  So for a change, in no particular order, is a list of things we know to be true at PJP Buttonwood...

  1. We are perpetually out of something at PJP Buttonwood at any given time.  I'm telling you now that we are getting ready to enter the great "Ummm...We Have No 9-inch Pie Boxes" Crisis of 2014 in a day or so unless some sort of Amazon Fulfillment Center miracle happens in the next 12 hours.
  2. We legitimately would like to purchase a golf cart at PJP Buttonwood to use in our twice daily trips to Hyvee.  Jeanne launched into an entire soliloquy today about how she would chain it up to the fire hydrant behind PJP Buttonwood when we weren't using it.  And also how she would decorate it and build coffee cup holders for our morning trips to Caribou.  And I don't know why, but all I could think about was PeeWee Herman and  his bike...giphy-3
  3. All that said, working with your mother helps you to know her on an entirely different level and for that opportunity, I am most grateful.
  4. If you need the Sysco truck to show up at 8 am with a 30 pound box of gooseberries, said Sysco truck will likely show up at 2 pm.
  5. If you pay $99.37 a month for a sketchy dishwasher, Jeanne will just most likely wash all the dishes by hand regardless.  She has a dishwasher in her house that has been used twice.  By me.
  6. Opening 10 pound cans with a manual can opener purchased at Wal-Mart can literally make you break a sweat.  We basically have forearms of The Incredible Hulk at this point.
  7. Using the shop-vac makes me oddly happy.  It is like vacuuming plus.
  8. Paying someone else to wash our aprons is without question the best $27.00 we spend a week.  Until I think about the apron I have on and who had it before me and then I basically make my brain implode with all the what-ifs.
  9. If someone official calls to let us know that they will be inspecting our grease trap soon, answering "uhhhhhh....ok" will make the person on the other end of the line laugh.  And then likely tag our file with note that likely says:  "Completely Clueless".
  10. Laughing until you actually cry while at your job is really the best thing ever.  And I'm a lucky girl.