Talk To Me...

Jeanne and I will often stop what we are doing during the day and say "well, talk to me" to each other...even though we've been talking about everything and nothing with each other for most of the day.  It is sort of this interesting phenomena we've developed with each other of having a lot of chatter but very limited time for meaningful conversation.  Here is a glimpse of the topics covered in conversation today...

  1. Butter is $4.28 a pound at Hyvee this week.  That is almost $1.50 more a pound than just a few weeks ago.  And unless we are suffering from some sort of national butter shortage that I didn't get the memo about, I would suggest that the butter manufacturers are creating a national butter collusion.  And it needs to stop.
  2. Every person that shows up at PJP Buttonwood with a Doormail coupon for $5 off two nine-inch PJP pies is subject to intense and directed psychological profiling by Jeanne.  She demands to know how the person feels about Doormail and if the person knew about PJP Buttonwood prior to Doormail and if the coupon was incentive to visit the store.  I would guess she knows more about the psychology behind Doormail than the people who make Doormail.
  3. We keep making Brown Butter Chess pie and selling out of Brown Butter Chess pie.  If you aren't familiar, chess pie is an exceptionally basic pie recipe made from readily available ingredients, like butter, sugar, and eggs.  In the brown butter variation on chess pie, you heat the butter until it almost burns...creating this insanely warm and nutty flavor.  Two people today said it has become their most favorite pie ever.
  4. I'm sorta in love with Angus and Julia Stone...listen to them on Spotify and you will be as well.
  5. We are offering 10% off all Thanksgiving pie orders through next Friday, October 31st.  Our goal is to bake 2,000 pies in the three days prior to Thanksgiving.  As of right now, we have about 100 orders.  I have no idea if that is on target to our goals, off target to our goals, or who really cares because 2,000 is an insane amount of pie.  We both do better with a goal in mind and so we picked 2,000 pies.  And that is how that happened.
  6. I just saw that Small Business Saturday is planned for November 29th, which is the Saturday immediately following our 2,000 pie extravaganza.  We would like to plan something fun, but we will probably still be laying on the floor and recovering.  Here is a better small business and shop local every day.
  7. Jeanne is a little bit obsessed with the King's Daughters Festival.  I could tell her that we have  two interviews and a photo shoot tomorrow and she would say to me "and we are doing the King's Daughters festival next month and we don't have a plan!".  I could tell her that we have a lot of orders for Saturday morning and she would say to me "and we are doing the King's Daughters festival next month and we don't have a plan!".  I could tell her that my arm was hanging off my body by a tendon and she would say "and we are doing the King's Daughters festival next month and we don't have a plan!".   For someone who loves the last minute, taking PJP on the road is giving her all the feelings.
  8. Jeanne has an entire theory that Twitter is just some massive pyramid scheme.  Once she explained it all to me, she actually made sense.  She also convinced me for a short time in 1987 that Elvis was still alive, so take it for whatever it is worth.
  9. Coffee is coming to PJP.  It will be basic coffee because I can't have the knowledge of how to make a mocha or I would likely just bleed non-fat milk and chocolate syrup.  I'll tell you now  that I put about six Splendas in my basic coffee, so keep your judgment to yourself.  PJP will be a judgment-free coffee zone.  You are welcome.
  10. Our Ecolab guy reported back to our food broker person that he didn't think we liked him very much.  He may have outrageous demands for the purchasing of unneeded chemicals, but he is perceptive.  So there is that.

If you are interested in hanging out with us tomorrow night and eating pie, drinking cocktails, and discussing any of the above items, we do still have five tickets left for our #pieandbooze event starting at 7 pm.  You'll learn to bake your very own apple pie and make the paired cocktail from Dogmaster Distillery.  And Jeanne will probably remind you that we are doing the King's Daughters festival next month.  And that we don't have a plan.