180 Days.

Today marks 180 days at PJP Buttonwood.  And 180 days - six months - feels substantial.  Here is what we've learned so far...

  1. We do, in fact, know more about what we are doing at PJP Buttonwood on our 180th day than our very first day.  We've learned that this journey is often two steps forward and one step back and we are okay with that.
  2. We know how to be tired, super tired, beyond tired, and on-the-verge-of-tears tired.  Today I accidentally put dirty dishes in the refrigerator instead of the sink and Jeanne spent 10 minutes looking for her glasses to only find them on her head.  I think that is an entirely new category of tired.
  3. On Wednesday, Jeanne and I yelled at each other.  On Thursday, she made me laugh so hard that my stomach is still sore.  I think we have the perfect relationship.
  4. Once a week, we have our front windows professionally cleaned.  It tends to mesmerize us both and on occasion, we allow ourselves to fantasize what having our floors professionally cleaned might be like.  We are girls who dare to dream while we shop-vac.
  5. I think we run out of one key item a week at PJP Buttonwood.  Over the course of this month, it has been baby pie boxes, PJP stickers, and menu cards.  We went to buy donuts for Team PJP at Hyvee earlier this week and when we couldn't locate boxes for the donuts, I actually hoped they were completely out so I didn't feel so bad about my procurement shortcomings.  Turned out they had plenty more boxes in the back.  Of course they did.
  6. I'm still righteously indignant about our dishwasher situation.  While you've probably gathered that I'm snarky and sarcastic, please note that I'm also really good at holding a grudge.  We ordered some pie box stickers from Ecolab last week to test them out and now that they've arrived, we realize the stickers are pretty awesome and pretty cheap.  Too bad I'll never order any more again due to Ecolab's stance on mandatory chemical purchases.
  7. Jeanne and I used to spend the entire day lunching, having wine, and shopping.  Recently, we were able to leave the shop at the same time together and go to Sam's.  AND IT WAS GLORIOUS.  We bought Maker's Mark and did recognizance on the pies in the Sam's bakery.  And looked at flashing neon "OPEN" signs and discussed if we needed one and how that impacted our vibe.  Oh, and we ate some cookies too.
  8. In September, our top selling pies were 1) Chocolate Bourbon Pecan, 2) Dutch Apple, and 3P Peach Praline.  Chocolate Bourbon Pecan has been number one seller since the opening of PJP Buttonwood.  Chicken pot pies made a strong showing at number four in total sales...watch out, Marie Callender and Colonel Sanders, we are coming for you...
  9. The girls at Caribou have started making our coffee as soon as they see us pull into the parking lot.   Well played, Caribou.  Well played indeed.
  10. We are the luckiest girls ever.

We have the best customers ever.  We know our 180 days are only because of your support, encouragement, and friendship.  Thank you for hanging on with us to World Pie Domination...