So, over the course of the summer, we hosted several Summer Series Pie Happy Hour events.  You've probably already read about how the Happy Hour events worked...but if not, we basically made 12 or 15 different kinds of pie and for a $20 ticket to a private evening event, you could eat as much pie as possible.  Suffice it to say, the perpetually sold out monthly events were a crazy amount of fun (and a great opportunity for us to make new friends and test out new recipes.) You might be wondering why we called it a "summer series" happy hour...and honestly, your guess is as good as mine.  It just sounded right when I was typing it up and it seemed like a great fit for the warm summer nights when dusk just started to settle in as we finished boxing pie for our guests to take home at 9 pm.  As fall approached, we wanted to consider a different type of event...something more cozy and hands-on at PJP.  And now we've planned the perfect event that we are ridiculously excited to share with you.  We are calling it #pieandbooze.

On Thursday, October 23rd, we will be co-hosting an event with Dogmaster Distillery (http://www.dogmasterdistillery.com).  If you haven't heard, Dogmaster is fairly new to Columbia and is the source of some EXCEPTIONAL COCKTAILS.  Behind-The-Scenes-Tech-Guru-Jason and I had the opportunity to visit their space on St. James Street in the North Village Arts District on Saturday night and were seriously impressed.  Dogmaster's owners, Van and Lisa, make the alcohol at the St. James Street location, including their own white whiskey and vodka.  They made me a drink called the Cloud 9 coffee cocktail and I haven't stopped thinking about it for five days now.  It is sort of ice cream-y, coffee-ish, booze-ish, and I don't know-ish, except I want one right this very minute-ish.

Soon you won't be able to stop thinking about it either.  We are going to teach you to make your own baby apple pie and Van is going to teach you to make the Cloud 9 cocktail.  And by make it, I legitimately mean you will do all the work...from rolling your dough to shaking your cocktail shaker (we will plan to be nice enough to peel all the apples you'll need).  You'll leave with your very own baby pie, recipes, and a room full of new friends.  You'll roll into the holiday season completely armed to whip up a dessert on demand and/or make yourself a drink, lock yourself in a closet and down a Cloud 9 coffee cocktail when your relatives are making you crazy.

This event will be capped at 18 attendees, simply so that we have seating around our dough rolling tables at PJP.  Tickets are $40 each and must be purchased in person at PJP Buttonwood.  I'm so excited, mainly because I need Van and Lisa to teach me what the heck is in that cocktail asap.  Or just make up a five gallon bucket of it and drop it off at PJP tomorrow.  With a straw....