A Virtual Grab Bag...

Tonight I share with you a little bit of everything going on at PJP...a virtual grab bag of pie-related news...

  1. A few weeks ago, the property manager for our space let us know that The Kroenke Group wasn't terribly happy with our new exterior sign and it was "under review."  Apparently, TKG didn't feel the sign "fit the vibe" of the shopping center.  (Bwahahaha...I didn't know a strip mall with a 24-hour laundromat had a vibe.)  We've spent the last few weeks in a panic that we would have to remove all $3700 worth of our sign and the mere thought made us ill (and grouchy).  Thankfully, TKG decided to do us a solid and give us an exemption on the promise the sign won't rust and stain the building.  Silent Stan, I hereby take back any and all snarky comments I have made about the cash you drop on jet fuel.
  2. Tonight is the autumn equinox.  For a lot of people, all they can think about is Pumpkin Spice Lattes from Starbucks.  For PJP, all we can think about is Thanksgiving pies.  We are having wee bit of an internal dispute about how many pies we can produce in those three days before Thanksgiving.  I'm leaning toward 2,000.  Jeanne is leaning toward never talking to me again.
  3. Speaking of Jeanne, from where I write this, I can hear her watching House Hunters.
  4. Feast Magazine, a food publication from St. Louis (http://www.feastmagazine.com), is writing an article about us for their November issue.  The reporter came several Saturdays ago and chatted with us for a few hours and we really felt like she understood us, so we can't wait to see her finished article.  Last Thursday, the photographer came and took pictures.  And by "took pictures", I mean "stayed from 8 am until 3 pm".  We didn't mind him spending the day with us in the least, but he was probably sick of us questioning what he could Photoshop off of us.
  5. We are providing pies for a wedding this weekend and it is a milestone event because it is the bride and groom are having a triple stack pie instead of a wedding cake.  If you need us this week, we will just be at PJP Buttonwood working up a fair amount of perfection anxiety and terror sweat.
  6. We tried several new pies at last Thursday's pie tasting...a pumpkin pecan, a ginger pear, and a sweet potato.  All met positive reviews, so perhaps you'll see those in the store as the weather begins to turn a bit cooler.  This month's Pie Party was as much fun as always and it was extra special, as it was the last Pie Party of the year.  (We plan to resume the event in May.)  All that said, we are working on a few super fun event ideas for the winter months.
  7. I've taken over the Twitter from Behind-The-Scenes-Tech-Guru-Jason.  I've tweeted The Avett Brothers and Jason Isbell enough times over the past week that I'm expecting a restraining order to arrive soon.  But I really just want them to stop by PJP Buttonwood when in town for Roots and Blues this weekend.  And hey, Avett Brothers and Jason Isbell, if my incessant tweeting has alerted you to this blog...pie for life if you just visit us, or I would settled for a retweet at this point.  #Justsayin
  8. In response to my blog post about receiving a never-ending stream of bills at PJP, a reader sent me a note and Starbucks gift card.  I may have cried.  A lot.  I'll say it over and over again, we simply have the best customers in the entire world.
  9. I never end on nine.
  10. Oh, Jeanne has installed a new tabletop on the whisky barrels in the front of PJP Buttonwood on a whim.  It is nothing short of amazing, as usual...