YOLO, FroYo...

If you happened by PJP Buttonwood today, you might have noticed a new addition to the front of the store... photo-116

Jeanne and Dale were back in their woodworking space over the weekend and built this charming bench on a whim.  Much like most people say "oh, I think I'll make a sandwich"...Jeanne says "oh, I think I'll build a bench from scrap wood."  Apparently, this wood was left over from her great display unit build in August and so making a bench for the space on the opposite wall just felt like "no big deal" and "really easy."  I don't have any clue what it takes to put a bench like that together, but I do know how glorious it is to have a space to sit in PJP Buttonwood, even if only for a few moments during the day.  And functionality aside, the bench adds a certain level of intimacy to the foyer that makes us happy.

Next on Jeanne's list is a table top built out of reclaimed wood to rest on the whiskey barrels.  We would love to use that space as a display for our Jelly Jar pies and other items.  New today, we made a batch of the crumble topping that goes on the Peach Praline pie and filled quart canning jars with it to sell.  It is now possible for you to take home the crumble topping and do whatever you want with it.  And by "whatever you want", I think I really mean "dump it on vanilla bean ice cream and eat while watching House Hunters.  Or eat it directly out of the jar with a spoon while watching House Hunters.

And while on the subject of ice cream, we've had quite a few customers ask if we sell ice cream in the store.  And it makes us want to buy a small freezer and stock it with flavors from local ice cream shops.  But we wonder what flavors?  Do we need an ice cream sommelier for proper pairing?  And would we just eat all the ice cream ourselves?  And before you think I'm kidding, we ate Orange Leaf for lunch three days in a row last week.  (If you think explaining "hashtag" to Jeanne is an onerous task, try explaining "FroYo"...or "YOLO" for that matter.)  And let me add here that I get a lot of emails from people who want to know how Jeanne and I decided to start a business together and whether I have any thoughts about determining the "right" person to partner in business with.  I think the short answer is that if your potential business partner can go to Orange Leaf and return with the correct blend of yogurt and all the toppings you love and none that you hate, well then, they might be the person to consider.  For example, if a person returned with my cup of FroYo and they covered it in fresh fruit, they would basically be dead to me.  A person who knows me well enough to partner in business with me knows that I prefer nothing but candy on top of my fat-free yogurt.  And hot fudge.

And now I feel like I should alert someone to my groundbreaking new strategy of business partner selection.  TED Talk?