Additional Postage Required

So, we have a super nice mailman at PJP.  And I'm sorry to tell you that I don't even know what his name is and now it has just gone on too long to ask him without it being all awkward (and if he reads this blog, well then, I've just made it super awkward).  But we had an entire conversation last week about my not knowing what a stamp currently costs, so he probably doesn't expect that much out of me to begin with.  (.49 cents?  .51 cents?  Does it even matter because the price will probably just increase again in a week or so.) And my point here is that while our mailman is super nice, ALL HE BRINGS US IS BILLS.  Every time I see his little mail truck pull into the parking lot, my brain cues up that Destiny's Child song "Bills, Bills, Bills".  I don't know who runs the marketing department for the United States Postal Service - and given their negative public image, maybe they don't even have a marketing department - but an ad campaign featuring Beyonce and Kelly Rowland (and the poor third girl whose name no one ever remembers) singing "can you pay my automo' bills?" while a postal worker delivers stacks of mail in rain, shine, and snow...well, that would make a lasting impact I think.  Because if the United States Postal System is built on anything, it is bills.  And credit card offers.

And maybe this is where a well-organized person would point out that we could pay everything online or perhaps we could plan for when things are due by using a calendar and to that person I must not know us terribly well.  It is entirely possible that our Ameren UE check had a smudge of French Silk on it today because it crossed my mind that I needed to mail it today when I was adding the 11th egg to the mixture.  (Our accounting person reads this blog and she is probably laughing until she is crying right now or she is rocking back and forth while curled up in a fetal position in a corner.  On a side note, I actually responded to an email she sent me earlier in the week with "What?  I don't even know what that means."  Safe to say, she is at the front of the line of people who keep us out of jail.)

Does anyone want to send us a fun piece of mail?  Are you having a party?  If so, will you mail us an invite?  Do you like to send handwritten notes in a concerted effort to stop the demise of the personal letter?  If so, would you write us a note?  Do you have a "buy one, get one free" coupon for Starbucks that you aren't using?  Mail it to us.  I think what I'm trying to say is that we are desperate for some mail that doesn't require a response in the form of a check.  Bonus points for brightly colored envelopes.  Double bonus points for one of those audio cards that opens and plays a Destiny's Child tune.