Let's Pretend You Care...

If you are anything like us, you have probably had a really long week.  Columbia Public Schools started class on Tuesday and Mizzou opened the dorms for students to move in during these past few days.   (On a side note, I saw a guy carrying a queen size mattress by himself across four lanes of traffic on College Avenue yesterday.  The mattress was completely impeding his vision and he sorta just dodged around cars like that Atari game Frogger.  I was equal parts prepared for the worst and yet impressed at the same time.) Add in sports practices, 18,000 trips to Target because my kids perpetually need some other random item for school, our monthly pie party on Thursday, and the fact that it is oppressively, surface-of-the-sun hot, and well, this Saturday morning finds me a limping towards the finish line.  (On another side note, I would probably be less tired if Target could just put a Target on the southwest side of Columbia.  It could connect to a Chipotle and a drive-thru Starbucks and it would actually be the pot of gold at the end of the rainbow.)  So, here are a bunch of random things from this week that share no common theme and may or may not be interesting to you.  Let's pretend you care...

  1. PJP is getting a sign on Monday.  Like a legitimate, you-can-see-it-from-Nifong sign.  What's that you say?  A beat-up, half falling off banner didn't make it easier for you to find our shop??  I'll have a whole post about our sign early next week, but as a preview, I'll tell you that it is awesome.  And it cost $3700, so I plan to hug and kiss it before it is mounted to the outside of our building.  And if a bird tries to make a nest in any of the letters, I'm just going to charge them rent, including triple nets, because I've learned a thing or two from Silent Stan.
  2. We received a bill from our dishwasher leasing company for $75 this week.  It said "MIN PRODUCT ADJ" on it (their caps, not mine...I only shout about dishwasher bills when I pay them).  So I called to inquire about the MIN PRODUCT ADJ and I was told that we didn't buy enough chemicals in their opinion so we were being charged for that.  UM, WHAT??  That is actually an awesome business model.  Maybe you reading this didn't buy as much pie as I want you to, so I'll just be charging the difference.  And look, we wash an OBSCENE amount of dishes at PJP Buttonwood, so it makes me wonder what the product minimum is actually.  I guess we will never know because I ripped the bill in half and threw it in the trash due to the whole thing being dumb, it was Friday, and I was annoyed.  And I'm sure they will just send another version next month and then I can decide what to do.
  3. We completely missed our food truck delivery yesterday.  We recently switched our food broker because the first one couldn't ever guarantee a delivery time.  The new one makes us their first stop and the truck usually rolls into the lot around 5 am.  Because we had the pie party the night before, we both overslept and missed it.  Irony.  He finally came back around 4 pm, but that was after I had made 8,142,035 trips to Hy-Vee for random items, like eggs.  I actually overheard a lady wondering where raisins were and I was able to answer her like some sort of renegade Hy-Vee employee.
  4. Our freezer stopped working at some point in the night on Thursday.  The place that sold it to us actually sent a repairman from Camdenton up yesterday to fix it.  I love when an issue becomes a non-issue.  He got us working quickly (which is good because that freezer is four months old and cost more than a car).  I could tell you what was wrong but it all sounded like "this thing that goes here was bent and then couldn't move back this way so I replaced this end thing and that made the beeping sound stop and now it makes the whoosh of cold air like it should" and so the point is, it works.
  5. My arms hurt from carrying our trash to the dumpster.  True story.
  6. And while I'm on it, who decided that bagging flour and sugar in 50 pound increments was a good idea?  That is really just super heavy and I feel like I could handle 40 pounds much easier.  If anyone in the flour and sugar bagging industry is reading this.
  7. I have nothing else.  I never end on an odd number.  It pains me to end on an odd number, but we have a ton of pies to bake this morning and if I don't get up and purchase some coffee and start baking some pies, it is possible I'll never move from this couch.  What I don't have though is apparently enough dishes to wash according to our dishwasher company.  Just sayin.