We are at that point again where I have a little to say about a lot of different PJP things, so here we go.  Everything.  And nothing.  And a little venting.

  1. Official PJP t-shirts will be available for purchase at PJP Buttonwood tomorrow.  If you have stopped by the store recently, you might have seen Jeanne or I wearing black t-shirts with the PJP logo on the upper right in the front and the back says "Pie Is The New Cake".  Reid at Fast Yeti has fashioned up a number of these shirts for our customers and I picked them up earlier today.  Retailing at $17, I have no idea what else you could possibly purchase that is so hip, fun, and slimming...all at the same time.  It's the gift that keeps on giving, Clark.  (10 bonus points for you if you caught that movie reference.)
  2. You might have seen photos of our new sign floating around social media.  I have been hesitant to blog about it here until the entire story is ripe for sharing, but I'll tell you this...the application for a permit for a sign in Columbia, Missouri might as well been written in Swahili.  I can't have the sign hung until I get a permit.  I can't get a permit until I fill out the application.  I can't fill out the application until...until I don't know what.  I guess until I get a ladder, a tape measure, and a dictionary of obscure terms.  Is there a cottage industry of people who fill these applications out?  And if so, will you email me?
  3. My love for our commercial dishwasher is well documented.  I was looking at the monthly statement for it and thinking that $99.37 a month was a fair deal until I glanced down at the bottom of the bill and noticed that we are charged $3.06 a month for property tax on the dishwasher.  Ummm...WHAT?  Really?  Can we all email John Stossel and request a Dateline Investigation?  Does the dishwasher company in Illinois give that payment to the City of Columbia or where does it go?  My guess is directly to the profit line of the dishwasher company, but I'm a cynic at heart.
  4. Several weeks ago, our accountant (Alicia at Accounting Plus) and Behind-The-Scenes-Tech-Guru Jason had a flurry of email conversation that copied me.  I, of course, promptly ignored it...until the accountant called and asked if I was coming to get the paperwork in the discussion because it had to be mailed that day to meet the IRS deadline.  And so maybe you think the moral of this story is to not ignore email conversations, but it isn't...the moral of this story is to get a good accountant that calls you before you forget to mail something that might send you to prison.
  5. If you happen to read Missouri Life magazine, you might have seen an article about PJP a few pages in from the front cover.  Team PJP happened to all be together at the Dierberg's at the Lake over the weekend and the magazine was in the checkout aisle.  We flipped it open and admired ourselves and Jeanne showed it to the lady checking us out.  She wasn't impressed.  Humility check.
  6. I took our first Thanksgiving order today.  This person is receiving 10% off for living the sort of organized life that I can only dream of.
  7. I seriously considered opening a second checking account today to escrow sales tax.  And those of you who know me really well likely just fell off your chair laughing.
  8. Those who have suggested beverages might be a nice addition to PJP, your day is coming.  I don't have the details yet, but don't get overly excited...nothing is alcoholic.  But it is going to be super cute.
  9. Every few months, we get a massive catalogue from Uline - a commercial supply store of sorts.  It must cost them four billion dollars to make and mail this catalogue because it rivals the JC Penney catalogue of days gone by.  I spent an hour looking at it today because every page features some sort of random thing I didn't even know the general public was allowed to buy.  Like if I wanted to put crowd control ropes in front of PJP, I could.  Or if I wanted to buy 388 ounces of Pine-Sol, I could.  Sometimes I don't need all the information.
  10. I am compelled to buy fatigue mats from Uline.  We rented some from Centas, but they were the kind with little holes in it and little holes and flour don't mix, so we sent them back.  Plus they were like $19 a week to rent.  And now that I think about it, we were probably paying property tax on those as well.