PJP V. 1.0

This picture...well, this picture FREAKS ME OUT... 057cdbb88c5388bb7ce7925877aa7201_large

This fine photo was taken somewhere around 1997, which means Jeanne was a scant five years older in this picture than I am right now.


And look, if I weren't already on the hinge of the late summer, where does time go, how can another school year be here, sort of path....well, that photo of Peg and Jeanne certainly takes me around the bend.


So, in honor of all the throwback, here are a few things you might not know about PJP V. 1.0...

  1. When Peg and Jeanne first considered opening the pie shop, they conducted random surveys by calling numbers listed in the phone book and asking a series of questions like "would you buy pie if Columbia had a pie bakery?"  (Let us all be thankful for the Internet, as I don't even know if they still make phone books and I don't like to call random people on the phone.  Ever.)
  2. The very first PJP was attached to a car lot and a bait shop.  The rent was several hundred dollars a month and the lease was month-to-month.  (Several hundred bucks a month didn't buy much, even in 1994 Columbia).
  3. There wasn't a single window in PJP V. 1.0.
  4. All of the chairs in the first location came from a hotel closeout auction.  I am fairly certain one of those chairs lingered in our family well into the 2000s.  (As a side note, recovering the chairs in plaid fabric helped nothing, but it felt like a nice thing to do at the time.)
  5. The original PJP cash register was an 1800s relic that was marginally functioning, at best.  No  debit or credit at PJP in the 1990s.
  6. All pies at PJP V. 1.0 were baked in glass pans and were 12 inches.  No disposable tins and no baby pies.  The glass plates came with a $4 deposit.  To this day, we have a lot of customers who claim the majority of their pie plates in their kitchens came from PJP V. 1.0.
  7. An apple pie was $12.  With tax, it was $12.40.  I think that means taxes have inflated about 1,534,224% since 1994.
  8. Peg drove a grey Honda Accord and during the first Thanksgiving for PJP, she didn't sleep for 36 hours.  Leaving the shop, she fell asleep and ran over a curb.  It blew out the tire and so she walked back to the shop and napped on a chair.  It was one of the few times they ever begged me to work at PJP...exhaustion makes you do crazy things.
  9. PJP V. 1.0 was outfitted with one residential oven and one residential refrigerator purchased at a garage sale.
  10. And $200 in supplies from the Conley Road Wal-Mart...because it was the only Wal-Mart in town in 1994.

I know Peg would be pretty awed by PJP V. 2.0.  She would want to know why we don't sell coffee though...