Ship Some Pies. Now.

We mentioned on Facebook earlier today that 1,000 pie shipping boxes are currently making their way to PJP Buttonwood and are slated for delivery tomorrow afternoon.  I'm not entirely certain that I've ever ordered 1,000 of anything...and certainly not anything that comes packed on a pallet and arrives on a truck with 18 wheels.  And I'm sorry to tell you that earlier this afternoon, I wished there were an app or a website that allowed me to track my truck's progress to Columbia.  And so look, if you are inclined, I think TrackMyTruck could totally be a thing...because I can't be the only person waiting for a semi-truck shipment of goods that is so excited for it to get here that I care what mile marker the truck is passing.  Right?  Right. You might be wondering where the 1,000 boxes are going to go in PJP Buttonwood.  And that is something we are wondering about as well.  While we are big on ideas, we are short on space and so for right now, our answer to the location problem is:  uhhhh...we don't know.  I bet the semi-truck driver guy is going to LOVE IT when we tell him we don't know where to put the boxes.



And while I'm sort of ruminating about it all, how exactly do they get the pallet of boxes from the truck to the store?  Is this some sort of Shipping Wars thing where I should know that I need a forklift to make this happen?

And while I've been fairly distracted with my boxes (clearly), Behind-The-Scenes-Tech-Guru Jason has managed to build the e-Commerce portion of our website in less than an hour.  I wasn't even psychologically prepared for him to say "oh, it is live now" because in my mind, building a site that would allow people to order pies for shipment would take oh, I don't know, DAYS.  Rather, he just needed about 45 minutes and suddenly, we are a company that ships.  I KNOW, RIGHT?

After the work that has gone into developing our product for shipping, I felt as if a fully functioning e-Commerce website should come with trumpets heralding our newest functionality.  Instead, it was really just me in our living room like this to Behind-The-Scenes-Tech-Guru Jason...


So that is the scoop...we ship pies now.  We plan to ship once a week (on Wednesdays), provided the semi-truck of boxes fits in our parking lot tomorrow.  Order for yourself, for your friends, for your business peeps, for those whom you only marginally like, for people you haven't thought of in years, for people you love, for people you used to love, for people you could have loved, for your best friend, for pie fans, for cupcake fans who should be pie fans, for anyone, anywhere.