Two Months...

Today celebrates two months of PJP Buttonwood.  And for something that has only existed for sixty days, it certainly feels to us like a world without PJP is a distant memory.  So what have we learned in the last eight weeks?

  1. There is tired and then there is TIRED.  When you climb up the stairs in your house on your hands and knees because you just want to get in bed, RIGHT FREAKING are probably the latter TIRED.
  2. 98.4% of PJP visitors will walk into PJP Buttonwood and proclaim "it smells so good in here!"...alas, we are completely immune to the scent of freshly baked pie dough given our consistent exposure.  That said, we are not immune from the desire to eat freshly baked pie dough.  Pie crackers and a diet cherry limeade from Sonic do, in fact, make a lunch.
  3. We are NOT immune to the smell of fresh coffee.  Sadly though, in a pinch, we aren't immune to ordering McDonald's coffee from a drive-thru at 4:15 am.  I'm not saying we are proud of this development.
  4. There is little panic in this world like the panic one has when realizing the pre-cut and glued baby pie boxes are backordered from the vendor.  Suddenly, employing a person who is in charge of inventory makes a lot of sense.  Odds are they probably don't proclaim "holy crap - I need to order boxes!" when there are only 12 left.  Ahem.
  5. Paying someone else to figure out the sales tax due each month to the Missouri Department of Revenue could be one of the best decisions we've ever made.  Also?  That number due each month borders on astronomical.  I demand an accounting, State of Missouri...because, really?
  6. Becoming friends with customers we see on a regular basis is an unexpected fringe benefit to this whole game.
  7. Sysco food wholesaler could lower their cost of goods exponentially if they didn't mail us something every single day of our existence.  The mailman likes it though...maybe they should just mail us two things a day and then the postal service would be completely bailed out.
  8. If you go to every Wal-Mart and buy all the four-ounce canning jars, people will look at you oddly.  Even when the person behind you is checking out without wearing shoes.  Isn't that more odd?
  9. Explaining to Jeanne the concept of "#hashtag" is exceedingly more difficult than you would guess.  She has no current plans to Tweet, as she is still marginally convinced #hashtag is a person.
  10. Apparently, every credit card company in the free world believes they can process cards cheaper than whomever a business currently uses.  Who knew that was such a thing?

On a final note...

  • Much Internet love and affection for all of our make what we do the most fun ever;
  • Hugs, tears, and promises of bigger things to our families...we are difficult women in the best of times.
  • To the Inner Circle who catch the unfiltered version of us both and who take time to text or call us to say that IT WILL BE JUST FINE...there isn't a way to repay that sort of love.

Cheers to Month Three.  Bring it.